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Caped Brewsader
05/03/10 04:58 AM  
brett and lacto stout
Been a while since I've posted (or visited) but I am trying to find more time for brewing now. I have a question for the sour guys out there. I will be brewing up a funky stout next sunday. OG 1.075. I will be fermenting it with Brett (probably Brett B) and Lacto. Its the first time I'll be pitching a large ammount of Lacto into a beer in primary (previously I've only used lacto in blends after primary fermentation). My plan was to pitch the Brett and the Lacto at the same time. Now I realize lacto is IBU inhibited so in my recipe I cut the IBU down to 16, plus I want to have a sweet leaning beer to bounce off the lactic sourness. I will be mashing the beer at 68C and I will not be areating the wort. The idea was to have a brett stout with a clear sweet 'n sour mix going on.

My question is does that sound about right to pitch the two at the same time or should I possibly let the lacto have a head start (24-48hrs)? Or am I crazy?

Mike T
05/03/10 09:14 AM  
Re: brett and lacto stout
16 may still be too many IBUs. Might be worth going with Pedio to ensure it sours. My friend Dan did a very tasty sour stout (just scored in the 40s at NHC) that finished with some residual sweetness, I believe he mashed a bit hotter though (hopefully he'll chime in) and went with a full complement of microbes.
Caped Brewsader
05/03/10 10:30 AM  
Re: brett and lacto stout
I was affraid that the IBUs would be too much for the lacto... so I already had a plan B

I really want to do this with Lacto rather than pedio. I have a few beers in the pipes for lacto and then after that I have some ideas for pedio brews.So, plan B was to set aside some wort from the main boil and boil that without any hop additions. This would then be fermented only with lacto (or as far as it will go). I'll then blend that back into the Brett fermented main batch. As a plus side to this plan, I can blend to just the right desired sourness and then the IBUs in the beer would stop the lacto from going further. In that case I may bump the IBUs up just a little bit more.

05/03/10 07:20 PM  
Re: brett and lacto stout
I think this may be your best bet as BOTH abv% and Ibu's affect lacto populations greatly. I am finding out that it really is tough to work with lacto as it is kind of a wimpy bacteria. But man, it sure can add a nice complexity to a beer. :)
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