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Scott J
04/29/10 11:46 AM  
Pink Peppercorn Saison ?
I know, I know. But it is for a gift. This weekend for National Homebrew Day I will be brewing my regular 10 gallon Saison recipe but taking some wort out and steeping some pink peppercorns, then putting that liquid in 5 gallons to ferment.

My question is how much peppercorns to use? A tablespoon? 1/2 oz? Should I coursley cruise them of leave them whole? Should I put them in the fermenter or just strain the steeped liquid in?

Ok, that was more than one question. Since I have never used pink peppercorns I appreciate the advice.


Scott J
04/29/10 12:44 PM  
More info
Description of pink peppercorns from the SpiceShop:

These Reunion Island pink peppercorns have a fruity, nutty, sweet flavor and are very delicate and light compared to true peppercorns.

04/29/10 01:40 PM  
Re: Pink Peppercorn Saison ?
Are you kegging or bottling? My recent experience with coriander might be helpful if kegging. I brewed a Wit but had less coriander on hand than I thought. Used all I had (1 Tbsp) at flameout, but as expected, the finished beer just didn't show the spice. I emptied two teabags and replaced the tea with lightly crushed coriander seeds and steeped in the keg. The spice character gradually grew over two days, and I removed the bags when the spice level was where I wanted it. Much easier to control. I'm sure you could do the same with pink peppercorns.


tom sawyer
04/29/10 05:07 PM  
Re: Pink Peppercorn Saison ?
Sounds like it will be like coriander. You usually use as much as 1oz per 5gal of that. I'd go with 1/2oz, coarsely crushed, at 5min in the boil.
04/29/10 06:47 PM  
Re: Pink Peppercorn Saison ?
dan used pink peppercorns in a table beer he made

recipe is here


maybe he will chime in on how it turned out

tom sawyer
04/29/10 06:59 PM  
Re: Pink Peppercorn Saison ?
He added 10g of peppercorns at flameout. Interesting beer from the looks of the recipe.
04/30/10 12:36 AM  
Re: Pink Peppercorn Saison ?
I was in Boston last month and stopped by Cambridge Brewing Company and tried their Sergeant Pepper (a peppercorn saison). It was amazing I know they used 4 types of peppercorns. I would see if you could contact the brewer to get some feed back on their recipe, it was really amazing.
Scott J
04/30/10 01:28 AM  
Re: Pink Peppercorn Saison ?
Thanks for the responses. I think I will go with 1/2 oz of pink peppercorns very lightly crushed (one quick hit in the spice grinder).

Other specs: Hopping with Amarillo (35 IBU's) and using WY French Saison yeast.

tom sawyer
04/30/10 05:58 AM  
Re: Pink Peppercorn Saison ?
I just made my first saison with WY3711, thats an amazing yeast. Fermented my 1.048 beer bone dry in under a week. I used Summit hops on mine, no spices this time. Its a great spritzy refreshing beer with good body even though it finished at 1.002. Going to be a nice summer beverage. Good luck, sounds like your recipe is going to be a winner. I like Amarillo too, another one of those citrusy hops with a little catty character.
Scoot J
04/30/10 12:49 PM  
Re: Pink Peppercorn Saison ?
I fermented my Grand Cru with that yeast as well.

1.090 - 1.004 : )

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