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05/07/10 02:58 PM  
Re: NHC Results?
Hey JeffB,

I'm working on this... not to actively at the moment but its on my agenda... I have started coming up with extended categories of the American wild ale.. This includes breakdowns of "Brett" beers (non-sour) and subdivideds into primary, secondary, and mixed. Then American wild ales that are sour.. there are already these styles but I think they can be extended.. like a primary Brett beer with souring organisms or lactic acid malt or a sour mash should not go up against a lambic. These are just some examples not the exact way it will be layed out and presented as this is off the top of my head..

How I plan to get this done is I'm looking into/deeply invested in writing a book called "Brewing with Brettanomyces" I've already been in talks with Brewers Publications.. and in it I plan to lay out a foundation for better style categories and guidelines so that this "style" can be expanded and the proper beers awarded for their grace of technique.


05/07/10 05:31 PM  
Re: NHC Results?
Great news!! I will definitely buy that book. Let me know if you need help lobbying for the new/expanded guidelines.
05/07/10 05:36 PM  
Re: NHC Results?
Most of the people here on the BBB forum are some of the more talented homebrewers and passionate ones. I think their opinions should matter very highly to BJCP and how they build they're styles.. as was already said brewing is evolving and so should the style guidelines. When the time comes I hope to get lots of feed back/help from people on this board.
Tom from Raleigh
05/07/10 10:26 PM  
Re: NHC Results?
The real issue is that there aren't enough experienced judges out there for sour/wild beers. If you're not judging already, start. Go to your local comp/club and ask to judge or steward. Tell them you love sour/specialty beers and ask for those flights.
05/08/10 09:31 AM  
Re: NHC Results?
I agree with this new category for the BJCP. I brew all sorts of different brett beers (primary, secondary, blended, fruit, etc) and have entered many in comps. There definitely should be "American Wild Beer" category with the substyles listed beneath it. Maybe primary, secondary, oak-aged, and fruit. There is so much room for experimentation with these yeasts and beer styles. although some of my beers have scored well with medals in comps, they are going up against totally different types of beers (ie specialty cat, belgian specialty, oak-aged, etc) that are tough to judge against. I have also gotten feedback from judges saying " great beer, but not my thing" or something like that. I even had one judge score a 100% brett beer (entered with two strains listed) as a 38 but said he couldn't judge it appropriately b/c of the use of two different strains in primary, HUH?

Sorry about the rant, but I do feel there needs to be a new category for this style. In the same token I have heard word that they might be starting a Black IPA category. C'mon! I for one would rather like to see a Wild American category than a Black IPA category. Sheesh... :)

05/08/10 05:39 PM  
Re: NHC Results?
Funny thing you say that as just the other day http://beernews.org/2010/05/brewers-association-releases-2010-beer-style-guidelines/ the BA did release their new style guidelines and the follow are new styles or additions American-style Imperial Porter, American-Style India Black Ale, Belgian-Style Quadrupel and Fruit Wheat Ale.. So there is a Black IPA category of sorts now...
05/08/10 07:00 PM  
Re: NHC Results?
JeffB said:

"I think BJCP needs to widen their sour/funky/wild categories so that brewers like ourselves can enter beers that are judged against others like them and not a Coffee Kahlua Porter in the specialty category.

How would we go about helping BJCP see our needs to expand the categories/guidelines? I think as the homebrewing landscape changes the guidelines needs to change with them."

-There is a forum on the BJCP website where you can suggest changes to the style guidelines or additional styles to be added.

My 2 cents: Add a specialty sour category. IMO any beer with more than a

light sour note should be judged with other sour beers, not in Belgian Specialty. This would be where to enter things like a Flanders ale with cherries or a bourbon-aged dark sour ale, or what have you.

Also, I think a larger area to describe the specialty ale on the recipe entry form would be wise. If you have to write out the type of beer or "style" you are going for in only a few words, it's like the judge is either going to get it or not get it. And if they don't get, it, you're screwed. I'm not saying we need to write a thesis on our entries but a couple sentences would be more appropriate than 3-4 words.

05/08/10 09:12 PM  
Re: NHC Results?
Seanywonton, I am glad to hear there is a forum for this type of feedback I will be checking it out in just a minute. Oh, and congrats on the Alameda gig, sounds awesome.

Tom from Raleigh, I have wanted to take the BJCP exam for a while now and will be doing so next time it is offered locally.

I for one would love to see an American Wild Ale category with a few sub categories. Hopefully we will be seeing a change in the next few years. I know the BA changes much more quickly than BJCP does.

05/09/10 09:12 AM  
Re: NHC Results?
Maybe if more people started speaking up about this we could actually make some change. This forum has many brewers making some truly experimental brews and could really benefit from a new category for us to feel at home in!
05/10/10 05:30 PM  
Re: NHC Results?
Not only a new category for us to feel at home in, but to expand awareness! Having a category for American Wild Ale or sours would probably encourage more brewers and judges to find out a bit more about these beers. This not only helps those who already brew them, but also encourages more to try it and hopefully, in the longterm, has a beneficial effect for commercial breweries interested in wild beers/sours as well.

There are enough of these being brewed commercially already (even if on a small scale) that an American Wild Ale category would not be inappropriate regardless of this online community here.

Matt S
05/11/10 08:19 AM  
Re: NHC Results?
My RIS made it to the mini-bos in the Northeast but that is as close as I got to the second round.
05/11/10 01:08 PM  
Re: NHC Results?
Sean, you got a job at Alameda??? That's fantastic dude. I was just up in Portland this weekend looking at houses - moving soon. You'll be sure I'll be stopping by.
05/13/10 10:24 AM  
Re: NHC Results?
As Mike said earlier, I scored a 41 with my Funky Belgian Stout that was about 15 months old at judging. My first real sour, very pleased with the results. However, it didn't move on to Nat'ls, must have been a rough category (23). My funky Oat Wine got a 31.5 in Cat. 22C. I didn't want to enter it as a oak aged since the character wasn't too high, but couldn't figure out how to enter multiples in 23. The Christmas Saison did okay at a 33, judges said it was a bit hot and over spiced (It's about 12% abv at 100% attenuation).

To those trying to get a new "Other Sours" category, I'm all for simply a subcategory in the Sours. I've talked to Lyle Brown who's pretty high up and he just laughed it off saying there's 23 for those beers. I think some of the old school folks who run BJCP don't give a damn about the more progressive and experimental use of bugs in beer.

05/13/10 02:32 PM  
Re: NHC Results?
Tank, don't be a stranger! Here's my email: my screen name at gmail.com
05/14/10 12:05 PM  
Re: NHC Results?
You bet man
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