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Mike T
04/27/10 08:57 AM  
NHC Results?
Anybody else enter the NHC this year? Got my scoresheets back yesterday, first time entering. Out of the six I entered one is going on to the second round (my Berliner won Sours in the East with a 40.5). Sadly I'm out of 12 oz bottles of my Berliner, so I'll have to figure out a good way to split up the 750s I have left.

The group Flanders and Cherry Flanders that we aged in a red wine barrel both got respectable 33's, although I really like them I have to agree that they are a bit drier/lactic than most commercial examples.

The judges seemed to like my Butternut Squash Sour, but didn't think it had enough vegatable/spice character to give it more than a 27.5 in the spice/herb/vegetable category (which I wouldn't argue with).

A Weizenbock and an Eisbock both scored in the low 30's as well.

Pretty please with the judging in general.

04/27/10 11:13 AM  
Re: NHC Results?
Congrats Mike. That's awesome. Advancing to round 2 is a big deal in a comp this size. I haven't gotten my scoresheets back yet, although I did participate in the judging for the first time. That was something new for me.

Funny your Berliner went on - that's what I had advance last year. : )

04/27/10 12:43 PM  
Re: NHC Results?
Congrats Mike.

Got scoresheets yesterday for my two entries in East Region:

Dubbel 32

Tripel 34

Good scores and good feedback. Both judges liked the tripel but wrote that it had "earthiness" that was "distracting". Since I did not notice it in the beer before, Not sure how to translate that now that the beer is gone - Musty, damp dirt, oxidation?

04/27/10 01:07 PM  
Re: NHC Results?
>>The judges seemed to like my Butternut Squash Sour, but didn't think it had enough vegatable/spice character<<

Big reason why I stopped bothering. Judges want flavors to be in their face, the notion that use of squash had an impact on general complexity is never a consideration. Makes me crazy.

Mike T
04/27/10 02:15 PM  
Re: NHC Results?
You must have been pretty close with the Tripel. My friend Scott took first in Belgian Strongs in the East with a BSG that scored a 39.5.

Agreed Steve, especially because one judge noted that he picked the sqaush up slightly, and both agreed there was a bit of nutmeg character. That said, my friend Dan scored in the 40s with a Sour Stout in the Specialty category, glad to hear the judges dug such an oddball. A lot of it is the luck of the draw on those not "to style" categories.

04/27/10 07:00 PM  
Re: NHC Results?
"Big reason why I stopped bothering. Judges want flavors to be in their face, the notion that use of squash had an impact on general complexity is never a consideration. Makes me crazy."

I have definitely noticed this with competition judging over the last few years. It's almost like they aren't really looking for a good balance, but rather "in your face" noticeable flavors/aroma contributions from whatever specialty things you are doing with your brew. I feel that sometimes if your beer has minor notes of some flavor or aroma you are best not to even mention it when entering it in a category b/c then the judges simply expect more. Congrats Mike! How old was the Berliner you entered?

Mike T
04/27/10 10:06 PM  
Re: NHC Results?
A bit less than a year, brewed it last May. Mash hopped, decocted, no-boil, pitched with a slurry of US-05 and Wyeast Lacto that a friend gave to me. Oddly his beer had all sorts of off flavors which I attributed to pitching the lacto 48 hours before the yeast. I also tossed in some Cantillon dregs a few days into fermentation as well. Luckily the judges accepted some Bretty funk, which is probably stronger than the guidelines encourage.

More details for anyone who wants them: http://www.themadfermentationist.com/2009/07/cabernet-berliner-weiss.html

Rob B
04/28/10 07:37 PM  
Re: NHC Results?
1st Place Cat 16 Southwest Region!

Belgian Dark Strong with bugs in secondary....

My Flanders Red that just took BOS at a local NM competition didn't advance.

04/28/10 09:28 PM  
Re: NHC Results?
Yeah Rob, that's because my Flanders Red took first in the SW region! ;)

Pretty stoked myself I must say.

04/28/10 11:15 PM  
Re: NHC Results?
Advanced an Imperial Stout and a Saison ( with Al's Bug Farm, thanks Al) in the Northwest.
Mike T
04/29/10 09:50 AM  
Re: NHC Results?
See you in the second round Tank. Sadly a guy in the north east region scored a 49.5 with a straight lambic... I'd say we're in trouble.
04/29/10 11:16 AM  
Re: NHC Results?
49.5!?!?! Holy crap man. As amazing as I believe that beer is, you have to question a score like that. I am one of the ones who believes there is no such thing as a perfect beer, and that score is .5 away from being so.

But yeah, I've advanced to the second round 3 years in a row now - maybe this will be my first year to actually medal. ;)

Scott J
04/29/10 11:41 AM  
Re: NHC Results?
I have never given a score that high. I was quite surpised that I gave out 2 45's at the Old West Region. Damn fine beers and I kept thinking I should have bumped them up a point or 2.

I took 3rd in Belgian Specialty for my Grand Cru (double Saison) Gungnur - some of you have been "Gungnured" before ;)

Congrats everyone that is moving on. Sadly, I don't get to go and judge in the finals this year.

Rob B
04/29/10 12:22 PM  
Re: NHC Results?
Damn you Tank! j/k

Good luck to you in the second round!

04/29/10 01:51 PM  
Re: NHC Results?
First in sours in SE with a 2 1/2 year-old Kriek lambic. Mixed blessing, as I don't have many bottles left!
Mike T
04/29/10 02:12 PM  
Re: NHC Results?
Look at that, three of the ten first place sour beer brewers posting on the BBB (what a coincidence...).

Congrats to all the other people with beers going on!

04/29/10 02:18 PM  
Re: NHC Results?
4 of the 10


John A
04/29/10 10:44 PM  
Re: NHC Results?
I had high hopes for my blackberry lambic but it did not make the cut. My coconut porter and melomel took a 1st and my common cider placed 2nd in the northeast. Good luck in the 2nd round
04/30/10 12:33 AM  
Re: NHC Results?
I scored a 40 for my 100% Brett c. and 100% Amarillo pale. It earned a second place in category 23: Specialty Beer in the Southwest Region. It is the highest score I have earned.

The funny thing is that in an competition last month in which I entered it into Category 16 Belgian Specialty it only earned a 24.5. Glad I switched the category.

Congrats to all those who are moving on.

04/30/10 10:07 AM  
Re: NHC Results?
Congrats Scott J! I judged that beer and went to bat for it to get it to the mini-BOS. Really nice authentic character on that.
04/30/10 10:58 AM  
Re: NHC Results?
I got 3rd place in sours for my flanders brown.
Rob B
05/04/10 12:06 PM  
Re: NHC Results?
Yeah tankdeer, seems like I had the highest score in the category and didn't advance...ain't that a bitch! LOL!
05/04/10 12:27 PM  
Re: NHC Results?
In that case you and I tied, as I had a 37 as well. But hey, that's a mini-BOS for ya
Rob B
05/04/10 12:43 PM  
Re: NHC Results?
the nicest part is now I can just drink the 3 bottles I was holding! good luck to you!
05/04/10 02:24 PM  
Re: NHC Results?
GUNGNUR! Perhaps the best combination of Norse mythology lesson and brain damage ever put into bottled form . . . yeah, I think my liver still has some scars from last year's Saison swap - just look for the part in the transcript where the splng bekums veri qustienabll . . . zzzz.
05/06/10 02:27 AM  
Re: NHC Results?
I didn't enter any sours but I placed with a Scottish 70, which averaged a 34. I thought the other 2 beers I entered were scored really harshly. The black saison which I loved and did great in other comps and everyone that tries it loves was "1 dimensional" and "hardly a farmhouse ale other than using a Belgian yeast". It scored about a 25 average. The American oak-aged barleywine which was very good but a little tannic, and really clean fermentation was "too sweet" or the other judge had nothing bad to say but scored it really low. It got a 27.5 average. Damn, that's harsh for a 10% ABV beer with a super clean fermentation and nice oak character. Sorry for the rant. What can you do I guess, just be happy you got one in 2nd round...
05/06/10 09:40 AM  
Re: NHC Results?
that's the specialty beer category for you. at least, in my experience the judges takes whatever you wrote to describe your specialty beer, then formulate a strict style guideline of their own in their head and score the beer against that. that's how it has seemed to me when i got scores/comments on specialty beers that i thought deserved better.
05/06/10 06:21 PM  
Re: NHC Results?
<<hardly a farmhouse ale other than using a Belgian yeast>>

That's kind of a dick thing for a judge to say. I would even consider complaining to the comp organizer for your region. It's one thing for a judge not to like your beer, it's another all together for them to be an ass about it and give feedback like that. Not cool IMO.

05/07/10 11:43 AM  
Re: NHC Results?
Congrats to all the BBB-ers who advanced!

I entered two beers, 16C (Saison) and 16E ("American" Saison with Simcoe and Amarillo, bottled with Brett C). My regular Saison scored a decent 32, and the specialty went to the mini-BOS with a 41 but didn't advance. The West is a tough region!

In both cases I was pleased with the feedback, although in general with competitions I feel that the "Belgian" and "Sour" categories are hit or miss with the judges. Most of what we are all doing here is really pushing the envelope. With new techniques and processes evolving on an almost daily basis, it's no wonder some of our beers go over (or under) the heads of your average judges. If only we could all judge each other's beers!

05/07/10 12:05 PM  
Re: NHC Results?
I agree that comments and scores can be all over the board. I've submitted the same all-brett beer to 3 competitions, and have gotten scores of 24, 38, and runner-up BOS. Comments have included "may be a decent beer, but not my thing", "tastes great, but I don't know how to judge it because its not based on a recognized base style", and "tastes like dark cherries" (with no fruit added). The NHC comments I thought were helpful but I agree that it may have went over or under some heads.
05/07/10 02:44 PM  
Re: NHC Results?
I think BJCP needs to widen their sour/funky/wild categories so that brewers like ourselves can enter beers that are judged against others like them and not a Coffee Kahlua Porter in the specialty category.

How would we go about helping BJCP see our needs to expand the categories/guidelines? I think as the homebrewing landscape changes the guidelines needs to change with them.

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