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I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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04/19/10 06:12 PM  
I am little embarrassed to say this...but
I am little embarrassed to say this...but.

After filling two wine barrels with plambic style beers full of Bugfarms, lambic dregs and lacto/pedio, the "topper beer" is really good.

I started noticing the keg with the beer made to top off the amber barrel was pressurized. So I thought it would be good to taste it.

It is really good!!! My thoughts are that it is cross contaminated with lacto from the pale topper keg.

Either way, the topper beer tasting very good right now.


04/19/10 07:53 PM  
Re: I am little embarrassed to say this...but
Any thoughts on what young plambics should taste like??

I tried them today after about 3 months. On there way, but not great. A little sour, a little funky and in just okay ways.


04/19/10 08:13 PM  
Re: I am little embarrassed to say this...but
Horse, gift, mouth, don't be lookin'. You know the drill.

Now you just have to resist the 'topper temptation' . . . .

tom sawyer
04/19/10 08:52 PM  
Re: I am little embarrassed to say this...but
I tried my young kriek at two months and it was a nice tart cherry beer. At six months it had bad diacetyl, at a year it had lambic character, and now it is really excellent at 20 months. And the best part, I thought I was down to three bottles and I just found five more champagne bottles I had stashed in a bucket.

According to the progression in Wild Brews, it takes a few months for the pedio/lacto to get going good, they can produce diacetyl and I think this is the time they call the beer "sick". The Brett goes to work in the last half of the year and cleans up and super-attenuates. Theres a graph in the book that shows the progression of the various organisms.

Narcissist Homebrewer
04/21/10 02:23 AM  
Re: I am little embarrassed to say this...but
Yeah, yeah yeah, everyone else's beers taste great too -- but according to the progression in Wild Brews, it's just beer, and in very small quantities.
04/21/10 11:49 AM  
Re: I am little embarrassed to say this...but
I dunno, am I the only one who thinks cross contaminated beers are kinda fun? I've gotten some really delicious beers that way. You know, it's an adventure. :)
04/21/10 01:39 PM  
Re: I am little embarrassed to say this...but
Don't fear the topper beer!

I keep hearing about quite a few folks that do not top their barrels. What a great excuse to drink the last few gallons right now.

The way this is going the barrels are done being topped.


tom sawyer
04/21/10 10:12 PM  
Re: I am little embarrassed to say this...but
I'd top up just to maximize the amount of REALLY good beer you'll have next year. You can always pitch some more wort on the cake and reproduce what you have now. I have some wort from bavarian wheat extract on my Wyeast lambic cake now just to keep it going. My barrel has about 10gal out of the 11gal of space, I'll probably top this once more with fermented beer before plugging and trying to ignore it for 12 months.
tom sawyer
04/22/10 07:47 AM  
Re: I am little embarrassed to say this...but
Besides, more space will be generated from the angels share.
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