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tom sawyer
04/10/10 02:51 PM  
Cantillon, Rodenbach
I just opened a bottle of Cantillon lambic (2006), and have a Rodenbach Grand Cru in the fridge. Do you think there is anything left alive in the dregs of these beers? If so I will pitch them in my barrel of sour beer.

Speaking of which, I'm brewing a lambic today and will be pitching the WY3278 and adding this to the barrel. This will put the volume at 10gal in the 11gal barrel. Once that is finished fermenting I'll top off with some fermented beer and away we go.

04/11/10 12:01 AM  
Re: Cantillon, Rodenbach
The Rodenbach these days is pasteurized so the dregs are worthless. The Cantillon is worth using.
tom sawyer
04/11/10 08:43 PM  
Re: Cantillon, Rodenbach
Thanks, I pitched both on the barrel. Guess the Rodenbach will be food for the bugs.

That Cantillon (2006) kriek lambic was SOUR! I was lip-smacking after every sip. Almost needed to beblended but I drank it all straight. I gave a sip to a friend, he didn't ask for more but I think he appreciated tasting something he'd never experienced.

04/12/10 12:53 PM  
Re: Cantillon, Rodenbach
Yup, Cantillon is pretty notorious for having some of the more sour fruit lambics. And the bugs are usually quite viable from my experience. But as Cisco said, there won't be anything in the Rodenbach. I actually asked them about this when I was at the brewery a couple months back. They said because of the blending it was much easier to get a consistent product that way. Which makes perfect sense. Now if only they would start importing those cans to the US. :)
04/13/10 02:26 PM  
Re: Cantillon, Rodenbach
To be fair, though, with regards to relative degrees of acidity, an unpasteurized Cantillon beer bottled in 2006 is going to be much more acidic than a more recently bottled version. Not that the older ones are bad, by any means -- just more sour.

My local bottle shop in OR is selling bottles of the van Roy's finest that are two years younger, at the moment, and it makes a tremendous difference.

What this means, of course, for the purpose of your homebrew, is that the batch you have just dosed will also be very acidic.

tom sawyer
04/13/10 02:32 PM  
Re: Cantillon, Rodenbach
I wondered if the Cantillon wasn't past its prime. I threw the bugs in with a batch that was already on its way with the White Labs blend and some Belgian trappist yeast, so I don't think this means the beer will be terribly sour. If it is, so be it I'll blend when the time comes.
04/13/10 02:40 PM  
Re: Cantillon, Rodenbach
I'm sure it will be great -- I am a big fan of pitching Cantillon dregs, w/o a starter. I'd also suggest that it won't be past its prime for another decade, at least. 3 Fonteinen works well, too -- that is the only one that has produced live pediococcus in my trials. I myself am about to try something very similar with a Hansen's kriek, which is one I haven't tried before.
04/16/10 12:05 PM  
Re: Cantillon, Rodenbach
Agree with Mark. Cantillon is ALWAYS in it's prime. :)
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