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tom sawyer
04/03/10 06:48 PM  
Malolactic Fermentation
I have made wine from fresh grapes and malolactic fermentation (converting malic acid to lactic acid) is a standard practice for red wine and some styles of white.

The recent thread about using apple juice for growing lactobacillus made me realize these microorganisms may also be involved in making sour beers. I am interested because I just bought two vials of White Labs MLB and now I don't think I'll be making wine this spring. Is this something I can pitch in my solera if I add some Sach yeast as well?

tom sawyer
04/04/10 08:02 PM  
Re: Malolactic Fermentation
It occurs to me that even if I don't pitch this MLB I still have the organisms in the barrel from the MLFed wine that was in it during the fall/winter.
04/04/10 09:08 PM  
Re: Malolactic Fermentation
They are different organisms. The malo from winemaking, Leuconostoc oenos, chews on malic acid and converts it to lactic. The lactobacillus from beer fermentation chews on, as I understand it, sugars and starches sach can't ferment, producing lactic acid as a byproduct. If there isn't malic acid to start, I'm not sure what the malolactic bacteria would do.
04/05/10 10:20 AM  
Re: Malolactic Fermentation
Okay, so if one was planning to do a beer with a significant wine grape addition, a pitch of MLB may be a good idea, correct?
tom sawyer
04/05/10 11:36 AM  
Re: Malolactic Fermentation
I think pedio and lacto are both capable of malolactic fermentation so I don't suppose you'd need to do a separate fermentation.
04/05/10 11:42 AM  
Re: Malolactic Fermentation
I don't remember exactly which thread, or who exactly said it, but I think it was Al. And he was saying that Malolactic bacteria can indeed be beneficial in sour beers, and I think maybe he even found some in some commercial dregs??? A quick dig through the archives should yield something - or perhaps he'll chime in here with more information.
Al B
04/05/10 01:12 PM  
Re: Malolactic Fermentation
Oenococcus oeneii formally Leuconostoc oenos is the MLB.

Pedio & lacto have not been implicated in the conversion of malic to lactic acid - rather carbohydrates to lactic acid directly (and some other by-products typically).

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