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03/23/10 01:47 AM  
all-brett B/L & high temps?
I recently brewed an all-brett IPA using Wyeast Brett Brux and Lamb. I put the bucket in my normal sour/brett fermentation room which is generally around 66-67F. I haven't had issues with all-brett B or L beers at those temperatures before. With Brett C I've always had better results in the low 70s, but it got me wondering. . .

What is the high end of temperature ranges you guys have tried for all-brett beers and what effects did it have in the 70s-80 range?

I'm tempted to try brewing a second batch of the same IPA recipe, same yeasts, and slap a heat belt on it to keep it in the 75-80F range to see the differences, but curious for any feedback you all have first.

03/23/10 11:15 AM  
Re: all-brett B/L & high temps?
I've done brett C in the 73-75 range. Turned out fine - nothing to write home about though.
03/24/10 06:43 PM  
Re: all-brett B/L & high temps?
My Brett Cs were pretty much all done in the 72-75F range & most have turned out pretty well. The one Brett L I did was at 68F and is coming along. (That one has since had oak, secondary brett B & cherries added, so I haven't gotten to try an actual bottle yet since it's still aging.)

I seem to remember the primary fermentation taking several days to kick in on the Brett L beer initially. This all-brett B & L IPA I did Sunday still has no signs of fermentation though. On the bright side, the high hopping seems to have inhibited anything in the way of detrimental bacteria from taking hold too.

I've been hesitant to add a heat belt to this one to encourage the yeast since it might give bacteria a foothold before the yeast gets going. Maybe if I don't see any activity within a week or so. . .

03/24/10 07:53 PM  
Re: all-brett B/L & high temps?
Brewed a flanders"esque" brown ale with Brett C. and L. in primary a few days before my daughter was born. Racked onto a yeast cake from a pale version prior to that. The starting gravity was 1072. Went to the hospital for the big day (couple of them) and by the time I got home the temps were up in the mid 80's and the beer was rockin away.

Just kegged half of the batch last weekend (finished around 1014 with a 90 min. mash at 148-149),and racked the other half onto sour cherries for some serious aging. The beer tasted great w/ no fusel production or autolysis. Not quite as "clean" as the first batch, but then again it was a brown ale and I was using brett, soooooo. It makes me wonder two questions:

1. Can a beer with brett suffer from autolysis if left too long on the yeast cake or will the brett just devour itself and other sacch. for nutrients reducing autolysis flavors?

2. Can brett even produce fusel alcohols since it seems to be such a slow fermenter?

03/25/10 12:48 AM  
Re: all-brett B/L & high temps?
I'm not sure the limit of Brett's autolysis consuming abilities. I once had a wheat wine that was underattenuated and reeked of autolysis and fusels. I watered it down to 7-8% and added WY Sour Mix and a bunch of dregs from sour beers. It turned out great. It took a while (1-3 months) to clean up the autolysis aromas, and over 6 months for the fusels to dissipate. Maybe fusels are volatile and go away on their own after long periods of time. Elevated aging temperatures might speed up the process, which normally would be at the expense of increased oxidation, but then the Brett is consuming the oxygen.
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