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03/12/10 12:42 PM  
1 year for first sour
I brewed my first sour (a blueberry pLambic) a year ago 3/9/10 so I figured I might as well give it a taste. I was pleasantly surprised how tasty it is, but I'd like it to be more sour. I've read about adding maltodextrine for this, and am wondering if I should go that route or just let it ride a while longer?

I forgot to check the gravity before I sampled it, so not sure how much sugar is left in there, or if any of it is still being eaten at this point.

03/12/10 01:18 PM  
Re: 1 year for first sour
Just take about a quart of it and throw it into another batch of beer. Let the one year old beer be your mother beer to start other sour beers. Just top it off every time you take some out with some fresh beer.
03/12/10 01:36 PM  
Re: 1 year for first sour
Just an idea, but...

I brewed a batch of sweet fruit beer to appease the significant other last summer. I added a ton of lactose to sweeten it up to Lindaman's Framboise level. I ended up pulling a gallon off of this and pitching dregs from a Russian River Beatification. A few months in and this was painfully sour. My assumption is that only the lactobacillus could utilize the lactose sugar so it ended up veerrry sour. Anyway, the beer ended up too sour to drink, but it makes a nice blending contribution. Maybe pull a gallon off and add some lactose to it to sour up, then blend to taste?

I'm not sure if maltodextrine would do the same thing, or if the brett would eat that up as well.

03/13/10 11:41 PM  
Re: 1 year for first sour
Cisco > So you're saying it won't/can't get any more sour? I don't understand why I should use a beer that I really like for the most part for a mother beer?
03/15/10 11:42 PM  
Re: 1 year for first sour
03/16/10 06:08 PM  
Re: 1 year for first sour
If its not sour enough, then you simply need to give it more time. I would take a gravity reading and see where you are. If there are still some gravity points left to go, then let it ride. If not, you could always add some maltodextrin as you stated earlier to continue your fermentation for another 6 mos or so.
03/16/10 09:54 PM  
Re: 1 year for first sour
Thanks, that's kind of what I'm leaning towards at this point thanks to the recommendation of a trusted friend and now yours. Still curious as to the thought of using it for a mother beer though?
03/17/10 08:03 PM  
Re: 1 year for first sour
Seems to reason, IMO, that if after 1 year it is still not sour enough for your liking then it probably wouldn't do super well as a mother beer. I would think a mother beer would almost need to be over the top to get the "little ones" rolling along well in a timely manner. Just how I would look at it I guess.
03/18/10 05:27 PM  
Re: 1 year for first sour
If it is not sour enough after a year then you need to add some different critters to it. Grab you favorite sour beer and pour the bottle dregs into it.
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