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04/19/10 06:52 AM  
Re: Berliner Weisse help please
For some reason I feel like I have heard/read that Fantomes from a few years ago even were more sour than the ones today. Hence, that super lacto that may have been present, may not be anymore. Maybe someone with more experience working with Famtome will chime in soon.

Just ordered my lacto yesterday and plan on doing a nice size starter around 95 degrees and pitch that into a mash-hopped, non boiled, non aerated 1030-1035 batch sparge with a mashout at 170 before sparging to stop conversion. Let it sit for 48 hrs or so around 90 degrees in the wort and then pitch ale yeast later.

I also have another idea I want to try out where I prepare the wort in the same fashion, collecting about 2 gallons to sour mash with some grains around 90 degrees for 3-5 days and the rest fermented (no boil) with ale yeast around 65 degrees or so. As soon as the ale yeast batch is done fermenting and the souring process is where I want it, I will rack the sour half onto the ale yeast batch and let it sit in a carboy for another week or so before packaging.

Al B
04/19/10 09:30 AM  
Re: Berliner Weisse help please
Fantome hiver has lacto in it, among other things. I just cultured it.


06/26/10 07:51 AM  
Re: Berliner Weisse help please
Got my WY lacto starter up and running. One week ago, I made a 1qt starter @ 1.025 gravity, no aeration, bit of DAP, no stirplate (don't own one). Starter took about 4 days to even show activity (kept around 80 degrees, the best I could). Now at the end of the 7 days, the starter is rockin and rollin. Here is my question -

I want to build up the lacto pops more for my B-weisse next week. Should I chill, decant, then add 2qts or so of low gravity, fresh wort? Then chill and decant again before pitching into my wort?

06/28/10 11:22 AM  
Re: Berliner Weisse help please
I doubt you would have time. Lacto floccs out VERY slowly. And even then it's difficult to decant because it's so powdery. It can easily take a week just to settle.
06/28/10 01:28 PM  
Re: Berliner Weisse help please
I can always postpone the brew day especially since it is such a short brew session already (no boil). Once I crash it for the lacto to floc out, can I just pitch it directly into the wort, or should I wake it back up with some fresh wort near brew time? How long can the lacto be stored cold for before using? Sounds like it might be better than yeast in this regards.
06/28/10 02:18 PM  
Re: Berliner Weisse help please
Update -

Just decanted the 1 qt lacto starter that I let ferment for 10 days warm. Had a nice healthy layer of whitish lacto on the bottom of the flask. The starter wort tasted spot on for a berliner (sharply acidic, sour, and tart). yahhh! Added 1.75 qts of 1.025 wort to increase lacto pops. Will give it another week or so to finish out and then floc out time before pitching. I am hoping to nail this one by pitching lots and lots of lacto into this one. Will report back after the brew is complete.

07/06/10 06:59 PM  
Re: Berliner Weisse help please
Cold crashed the lacto starter for 24 hrs and had a nice pitchable layer on the bottom of the flask. Did my no boil w/ a small decoction (where I boiled the hops) and a mashout at 168 or so. Collected the wort, cooled to about high 90's, carefully racked to my fermenter (no aeration/oxygen) and pitched the decanted lacto starter. Was a bit worried as there was a huge temp difference between the starter and batch wort, but I figured it was out of my hands now.... :)

5 hrs later the lacto is RAGING on the wort (bit high than expected gravity 1.037, oh well..)!! It is probably fermenting in the mid 90's right now with the heat wave. Was planning on letting it go for 48 hrs before pitching ale yeast, but seeing how hardy this lacto is, then maybe a bit sooner. Anyone have any ideas how fast the pH can drop during a lacto ferment? I just don't want my yeast to not be able to do their thang as well!

07/08/10 09:44 AM  
Re: Berliner Weisse help please

Took a gravity reading after 24 hrs with straight lacto at 90 degrees. The SG was 1020 and tasted slightly tart with a nice lactic nose. Decided to slowly let the beer cool down to about 78 over the course of 12 more hours. At the 36 hr point, I pitched a vial of WL German Ale yeast and the dregs from a tasty Fantome Hiver (what a great beer!). Hoping the sourness will increase in the next few dsys as I have high hopes for this berliner. Currently the beer is still plugging away nicely at 75 degrees. Warm enough for the lacto to keep up and not too hot for the yeasties.

07/18/10 01:05 PM  
Re: Berliner Weisse help please
Kegged the berliner today. The beer was mildly tart/sour but not what I had hoped for (but expected). I guess I will let it sit for a while and see if the sourness develops any more. Just wondering if I should age it warm (say 80 + degrees) or cooler like mid 60's - 70's. Any thoughts? I know Chris Kennedy said that his lacto BW's did end up getting more sour over the course of 6 mos or so. Maybe their is hope yet for this one too!
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