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02/17/10 08:06 PM  
Brett and DAP = Pineapple?
Hi all--

I found myself chatting with a cider maker a few months ago and got into yeasty beasty talk since some of his ciders were clearly very bretty. In our chat, the topic of brett making pineapple flavor came up, and he indicated that he'd noticed that phenomenon occur only when there was lots of nitrogen floating around in the fermentation medium, mostly through addition of DAP.

Anybody here have thoughts on these observations? I'm tempted to chuck some DAP into my next batch of Brett C Berliner Weiss and see what happens.

02/18/10 08:34 AM  
Re: Brett and DAP = Pineapple?
I typically add some DAP to my boils when I am brewing 100% brett beers. Last summer I brewed a mini-sour mash and fermented with brett C. and got a very nice tropical fruit aroma/character (somewhat pineapple, somewhat spice) in the finished product. i wouldn't be surprised if ther are a lot factors going into this such as temperature of ferment, aeration, and presence of lactic acid produced by either bacteria or using acid malt. i think I remember some past threads discussing this, maybe you could research there too!
02/18/10 09:03 AM  
Re: Brett and DAP = Pineapple?
There were past threads on this, but I don't think any of them came to any conclusions.
Rob B
02/19/10 02:49 PM  
Re: Brett and DAP = Pineapple?
Acid malt huh? My all brett c pale ale was big on pineapple and it had 1lb of acid malt in 6gals.
02/20/10 07:58 AM  
Re: Brett and DAP = Pineapple?
I usually use around 1# acid malt in my 100% brett beers as well. When I brewed my first brett C. beer I did a mini sourmash and added that to the main mash before sparging. It had a great pineapple aroma as well. I wouldn't be surprised if Brett C. produces these characteristics in the presence of lactic acid during some wierd pathway. Looking forward to working with brett C. again. Planning on a full sourmash Berliner Weiss fermented with brett C. Yum!
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