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02/01/10 01:28 PM  
making your own labels?
Been reading a lot about making my own labels and hoping to try. Seems like a lot of people just use plain paper and make an adhesive out of milk, but I was hoping to find some pre-formatted waterproof labels that I can put in my inkjet.

Anyone ever tried these guys? http://laist.com/2009/09/05/map_of_the_day_golds_99_essential_r.php

how about just using Avery labels?

02/01/10 01:30 PM  
Re: making your own labels?
whoops, sorry, wrong link, that's Jonathan Gold's recommended LA restaurants!!

Try this instead: http://www.onlinelabels.com/products/ol500.htm

02/01/10 06:10 PM  
Re: making your own labels?
I typically use Avery inkjet labels (get laser instead if you are using a laser printer) and don't bother with waterproofness. It just isn't an issue for me with homebrews.

I have used their pre-cut labels sheets (3.3"x4", six to a sheet) and you can print full bleed on them which is nice, but I find them a little large for 12 oz bottles. So I often just buy their full sheet labels, print with some space between my labels and cut them out.

However, in my discussions with other homebrewers, a lot of people find that to be too much work. Do some experimenting and see what is good for you! Then let us know and post some examples of your work.

Many people do not bother to label at all, but for me having a named and labeled 'finished product' is a point of pride (um, that is, when I actually do get around to it!) and gets respect from people who might look skeptically at a blank bottle of 'stuff you made yourself?' . . . :-)

02/01/10 06:11 PM  
Re: making your own labels?
Also, the Avery labels I'm talking about (05165 for full sheets) are commonly available at Staples and such . . .
02/02/10 11:14 AM  
Re: making your own labels?
how does the label hold up when the bottle sweats? that's why I was considering weatherproof.

Right now I'm looking at these cause they look like they'll work both for the 12s and 22s: http://www.labelsbythesheet.com/items/water-resistant-vinyl-labels~inkjet-/water-resistant-vinyl-rectangle-inkjet-labels/4-x-5-rectangle-water-resistant-white-vinyl-inkjet-label-sheet-br-usually-ships-same-day-wv2-24r-detail.htm

Usually I don't bother with labels, but I'd like to start making some.

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