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Mike E
02/01/10 09:31 AM  
Bret C ferm temp
Can anyone point me to some published info, or just tell me, what's a temp range for primary fermentation on an all Bret C. beer? White Labs (which I have..).. well, I can't find any useful information on their site!
02/01/10 02:20 PM  
Re: Bret C ferm temp
On my first gen I pitched at 64F, fermented for a week at 64, then ramped it up to room temp (about 72F) to finish. It was kinda bland. On the second gen I pitched at 80F then let it cool to room temp (about 70F) and ferment at room temp the entire time. It was much more flavorful. On the 3rd gen I pitched and fermented at room temp (70F) and again it was much more flavorful than the first batch.
02/01/10 06:40 PM  
Re: Bret C ferm temp
For my all-brett C I fermented it compeltely in the 69-72 range and it turned out well. Big lag time before any noticeable activity though. However, that seems to be a common thing with Brett C.
Mike T
02/02/10 10:40 AM  
Re: Bret C ferm temp
My first Brett C beer fermented up in the high 70s, turned out great. Brett A on the other hand was a band-aidy mess at those temps though. I believe Steve did a Berliner with it in the mid-high 50s and got some good tartness out of it. Clearly a versatile strain.
02/02/10 08:35 PM  
Re: Bret C ferm temp
I typically run Brett C. ferments from high 60's to mid 70's and have been very pleased with the results getting a mild tropical fruit esters (citrus) and some earthy funk. Whatever you do, be sure to make at least a quart starter for an average gravity beer and give the starter about 7-9 days to get going before pitching. I aerate my brett beers so they get started faster and typicall see krausen formation within 48 hrs. Be patient and let the beer sit for at least 8-10 wks to fully dry out before packaging. i have made the mistake of racking brett beers too soon (4-6 wks) and the beer did not dry out where I wanted it to. If that happens, just pitch another vial of a different brett and enjoy the funky experiment.
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