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01/26/10 12:16 PM  
Bug Farm Gueuze
I just brewed the first batch of a gueze, and am planning on racking it off the cake and pitching the next leg right on top and the same for the last leg. Good/Bad idea?

If that ends up being the round I go, would cornies work for aging the older batches or would I be better off going with something else?


01/26/10 12:18 PM  
Re: Bug Farm Gueuze
Forgot to mention that I know I have a lot of time still before I have to worry about it, just want to make sure I have plenty of time to order anything I will need/save up some cash to pay for it.
01/26/10 07:16 PM  
Re: Bug Farm Gueuze
I would think that successive repitchings of the bugfarm could lead to a more sour character due to the populational growth of more bacteria than yeast. Making gueze does require this character, but I am unsure just how sour each successive batch would get. To make gueze, having different aged batches is crucial to get a more balanced product, rather than in your face sourness.

In terms of aging, I would think that a corny might not let enough oxygen ingress for the healthy growth of the critters over time. I would probably opt for carboys with carboy caps (and airlocks) on them. This would allow for enough oxygen permeability to occur for healthy growth and fermentation.

01/26/10 11:15 PM  
Re: Bug Farm Gueuze
Yeah, I prefer VERY sour lambic/gueuze so that's actually what I'm hoping for. After a year (which is when I would rack to a corny), would it still need the oxygen?
01/27/10 09:18 AM  
Re: Bug Farm Gueuze
I have a corny that I could never get the lid to completely seat correctly...I have been using that the past 2-3 years and have gotten plenty of sourness in my lambic style beers. Otherwise you can take off a post (or both) and cover it with foil which will allow some O2 in and keep dust out.
01/27/10 09:01 PM  
Re: Bug Farm Gueuze
Sounds like cornies will work then, so is the consensus that doing 3 batches with the same vial will be too sour, or just really sour?
01/28/10 07:00 PM  
Re: Bug Farm Gueuze
I don't think it will be overly sour (esp. for a gueze). Although I also think adding some extra different dregs of other lambics/guezes would be a good idea into the different batches to create some diversity and complexity in the finished product instead of using the same critters from start to finish.
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