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01/08/10 08:36 AM  
ressurecting undeliberate infection
I apologise in advance. I'm very noobish to this and have yet to brew my first deliberately soured beer.

I have been setting myself up for one as this thread can attest to: http://www.babblebelt.com/newboard/thread.html?tid=1108752780&th=1259364250&pg=2&tpg=1&add=1.

I now have a glass demijohn and 2 x roselare yeats ready to embark on this crusade. However simultaneously I have three unintentionally infected beers. Two are probably infected with wild yeast and one almost definitely with acetobacter (in cold conditioning, no flavours yet).

Are any of these worth working with? Most sources suggest wild yeasts in Australia are pretty terrible but would a years ageing on oak make a difference or should I tip them and make something out of the aceto infected brew (a milk stout).

Should I toss the lot and start again?

Sorry for dumb questions.

01/08/10 10:25 AM  
Re: ressurecting undeliberate infection
Do you hate how they taste? What does "no flavours yet" mean regarding the acetobacter?
01/08/10 01:30 PM  
Re: ressurecting undeliberate infection
+1. You need to taste each beer and see if they have any potential based on what they taste like now.
01/08/10 05:50 PM  
Re: ressurecting undeliberate infection
Steve G: The is a white film growing across the top of the stout which looks to me like acetobacter. It has not yet developed any sourness in the stout itself.

As for the taste - so far it's strange - cloudy, bready but not disgusting and certainly not sour. I had a pilsner develop a similar infection which has been bottled for 3-4 months now. Certainly not an undrinkable type of infection - just the beer is not as intended. I wouldn't call it remarkable or wonderful but i'm wondering if I might be able to tailor it into something.

I guess there's only one way to find out. I guess I'm just wondering if anyone's succeed in doing something like this before.

01/10/10 08:33 AM  
Re: ressurecting undeliberate infection
If you are really wanting to use up the Roselare, then I would choose the beer that you think tastes the best as of right now. Pitch the Roselare and let it sit at ambient temps for 1 yr. or so. The Roselare blend should contribute and hopefully take over providing there are still a healthy amount of residual sugars left behind. If the beer has already considerably dried out (below 1010), then I would not waste the purchased bugs. Brew up a new batch and pitch the Roselare directly (or into secondary) for your first true sour beer!
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