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I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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Scott J
01/05/10 03:21 PM  
Big Beers !
Anyone enter anything into the Big Beers competition this weekend? Anyone going?

I am a "Yes" for both questions (6 entries). I will be judging as well.

Rob B
01/05/10 04:56 PM  
Re: Big Beers !
I entered two beers but won't be there...

Cheers, Rob

01/05/10 05:43 PM  
Re: Big Beers !

I entered a Dubbel and BDSA. I will get there some day. Do they ever publish speakers presentations?

01/06/10 09:19 AM  
Re: Big Beers !
I haven't posted in ages.... I'll be there judging, and representing Odell, come try the Friek
01/06/10 11:58 AM  
Re: Big Beers !
Scott and Chad, I'll see you guys there. I had the Friek a couple months ago, interesting combination.
01/06/10 07:55 PM  
Re: Big Beers !
meant to, but totally flaked.
01/12/10 12:08 PM  
Re: Big Beers !

Anyone Go. Results for the comp?

Scott J
01/12/10 06:22 PM  
Re: Big Beers !
Bock & Weizenbock BJCP Category 5 & 15C

1. Rick Bobbitt Thornton,CO Mountain Goat Eisbock 5D Eisbock Keg Ran Out Club (Kroc)

2 Cary Floyd Arvada,CO Big Cock Doppelbock 5C Doppelbock Superior Home Brew Club

3 Keith Bradley Austin,TX "On the Sly" Weizenbock 15C Weizenbock Austin Zealots

Category 12 C Baltic Porter & 13 F Russian Imperial Stout

1 Greg Geiger Littleton,CO Chase's Grit Imperial Stout 13F Russian Imperial Stout Rock Hoppers

2 Rick Bonney Crestwood,MO Rick's Russian Imperial Stout 13F Russian Imperial Stout BN Army

3 Nick Callaway Greeley,CO The Russian Concusstion 13F Russian Imperial Stout Brew Union Colony

Category 9 E Scottish Ale

1 Cary Floyd Arvada,CO Floyd's Wee Wee 9E Strong Scotch Ale Superior Home Brew Club

2 John Ehmsen Gunison,CO What's Under Your Kilt? (Wee Heavy)

3 Chris Mewhinney Highland Village,TX Great Scotch! North Texas Homebrewers Assoc.

Category 14C - Imperial IPAs

1 Rich Krahl Thornton,CO Wedding IIPA 14C Imperial IPA Keg Ran Out Club (KROC)

2 Aaron Boerup, Aaron Boerup Tuscon,AZ Hopinator

3 Michael Bade Littletown,CO Kneewalker Rock Hoppers

Category 17 Sour Ales

1 Ryan Thomas Broomfield,CO Copulation 17F Fruit Lambic Keg Ran Out Club (KROC)

2 Jody Grenert , Medieval Muse 17A Berliner Weisse

3 John Weber Ft. Collins,CO Flanders Ned Liquid Poets

Category 26 B Braggot

1 Deb Puls LaPorte City,IA Braggot

2 Nick & Chris Orton Longmont,CO Nordic Czar Indian Peaks Alers (IPAers)

3 Jonathan Pavluk Arlington,VA St. Edmund's Barleymead

Belgian And French French 16A, 16B, 16 C 16D

1 Ed Moore Highlands Ranch,CO Tiger Wort Foam on the Range

2John Weber Ft. Collins,CO In A Land Where Claussen is King Liquid Poets

3 Nick Callaway Greeley,CO Saison Brew Union Colony

Belgian And Franch Specialty 16 E

Rob Briscoe Rio Rancho,NM Saint-Salvator Dukes of Ale

Scott Jackson Brighton,CO Saison du Potiron Keg Ran Out Club (Kroc)

Sean O'Connor Glen Ellen,CA Cherries Jubilee Sonomo Beerocrats

Category 23 Specialty

Larry Hood Littleton,CO DT Winter Wedding Ale Rock Hoppers

Deb Puls LaPorte City,IA Templeton Rye Oaked Rye Red

Gordon Pencis Aurora,CO Chocolate Mint Stout

Category 19 Strong Ales

Chris Wilmott Broomfield,CO Thorn of Confucius Hop Barley & The Alers

Kelly Kruegel Parker,CO MMMMM...Boobics! Rock Hoppers

Nick & Chris Orton Longmont,CO Barleywine Picnic Indian Peaks Alers (IPAers)

Category 18A &B Belgian Strong

1 Nick & Chris Orton Longmont,CO Dubbel Dark Indian Peaks Alers (IPAers)

2 Philip Penningroth Littleton,CO Biere D'Or Foam on the Range

3 Tom Gardner Denver,CO Leffe Blond 18A Belgian Blond Ale Foam on the Range

Belgian Tripel 18C

Jim Edgins Highlands Ranch,CO Belgian Tripel Foam on the Range

Nick Callaway Greeley,CO Brew Years Eve Tripel Brew Union Colony

Dale Horchner Denver,CO Leora

Belgian Golden Strong 18 D

Darrell Maudlin Houston,TX Gold Bad Ass! Brew Bayou

Rick Bonney Crestwood,MO Rick's Belgian Strong BN Army

Seth Townsend Erie,CO Is Winter Over Yet?

Belgian Dark Strong

Tom & Jake Ocque Ontario,NY Dick's Garage Series III The Brewing Network

Geoff Humphrey Highlands Ranch,CO Blessed and Cursed Rock Hoppers

Jason Christian Frisco,TX Older Than Brody North Texas Homebrew Association

Rob B
01/12/10 08:42 PM  
Re: Big Beers !
What?! Does that mean I took gold in 16E?
Rob B
01/12/10 09:10 PM  
Re: Big Beers !
I guess it does! Awesome!


01/12/10 10:16 PM  
Re: Big Beers !
Congratulations Rob!
Scott J
01/26/10 06:51 PM  
Re: Big Beers !
I just got my scoresheets back and saw that they mis-categorized 3 of my entries ! It is a womder I came away with a medal.
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