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12/30/09 02:58 PM  
Lager yeast for Biere de garde?
I've got a smackpack of the WY oktoberfest lager blend in my fridge and had planned on brewing an oktoberfest very soon. After reading Farmhouse Ales (finally got the book for x-mas), I have been inspired to try my hand at a classic Biere de garde. have brewed many saisons with lots of great results, but have never gone in the other artisinal direction. Was planning on using the built up lager yeast after brewing the oktoberfest for my first biere de garde. Has anyone had any good experience using a lager strain for a biere de garde? If so, what fermentation temps should be employed (was thinking about 58-60 degrees)? Would the oktoberfest lager blend be suitable for biere de garde production?
Rob B
12/31/09 10:28 AM  
Re: Lager yeast for Biere de garde?
I haven't brewed a BDG yet, though it is on my upcoming brew list. My plan was to use lager yeast also and primary around 60F then lager. All the BDG's that I have had before exhibit a bit of fruitiness so I think the higher ferment temp would be acceptable.
Al B
12/31/09 10:48 AM  
Re: Lager yeast for Biere de garde?
I'm going the other direction with the WL French ale. The recipe will be based on Grain D'Orge using ~ 20% flaked maize. I don't think I've ever used so much corn.
12/31/09 12:35 PM  
Re: Lager yeast for Biere de garde?
I use about 20% corn when I do my cream ales. And its flaked too. ends up with a real light body and slight corny cereallike flavor.


Scott J
12/31/09 03:46 PM  
Re: Lager yeast for Biere de garde?
I use 30% corn meal in my CAP. I just brewed an American Stock Ale with about the same amount. I find that corn meal ends up tasting less "corny" than flaked maize.

I think the O-fest yeast would do fine in a BDG and I think 60 or so would be a good temp. If I remember correctly that strain throws off a lot of sulfur so make sure you lager it a while.

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