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12/25/09 01:15 PM  
starting my own buggy cubes
I have some sour commercial beers that I want to be able to reuse in homebrew. I have successfully grown up the bugs in small starters and then stepped them up to a bigger starter to pitch in my beer. I would like to try the oak cube method of reusing the bugs, but I am unsure how.

Can I just throw some oak cubes in the starter wort and then use them at another time? How can I store the oak cubes long term?

12/25/09 04:52 PM  
Re: starting my own buggy cubes
I think you would be more than successful with simply storing the cubes in starter wort and using them after a period of time. You may have to add more fresh wort every now and again to keep the bugs happy. But it probably shouldn't be too often. Best case scenario would be to brew up a batch when you were racking and transfer the oak cubes directly into a fresh batch. Although successive repitchings could lead to more bacteria than yeast growth and lead to increasingly more sour products. But then again, if you didn't like sour beers, then why are you here, right? I'm sure some more intelligent humans will chime in and help out too! Merry Christmas! :)
Al B
12/27/09 12:17 AM  
Re: starting my own buggy cubes
My first bugfarm project was wood cubes. I drilled holes in 'em to facilitate harboring them buggs. Store the cubes like any other culture in a cold temp ~ 34-36F is best.

Viability is a crapshoot, but most will survive over several months under those conditions, especially if the medium is rich in nutrients (amino acids, vitamins).

12/27/09 08:00 AM  
Re: starting my own buggy cubes
See- told you some more intelligent humans would chime in. Keep us posted with your results! I too would love to do this.
06/20/10 08:11 PM  
Re: starting my own buggy cubes
Does it matter what toast of oak cubes I use, or variety? Or should most any oak cube work well with this. Also, approximately how many cubes per 5 gallon batch?

I guess I got a little delayed on my bugged oak cube project.

tom sawyer
06/20/10 10:31 PM  
Re: starting my own buggy cubes
Why not use oak chips instead? Lots more surface area.

I don't think the toast would make a difference.

06/21/10 10:39 PM  
Re: starting my own buggy cubes
I've had good success with buggy cubes. I wanted enough cubes to share with fellow club members without overwhelming the beer with oak, so I boiled three times for 15 minutes, changing the water between each boil. It did a good job of knocking down the tannins and other "woodiness". It also sanitizes the cubes.
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