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12/21/09 08:22 PM  
Date sugar compared?
I'm in the process of building recipe for a Dubbel. I'm currently looking into date sugar as well as the Dark Candi syrup products. I have never used either. My question is does any one have experience with date sugar and its flavor compared either of the dark versions of the syrup. thanks J
Al B
12/21/09 08:32 PM  
Re: Date sugar compared?
I have. The Dk candi syrups are great, but I think too much can be distracting (the Dark One). I prefer to use half n half with another sugar.

Date sugar is pulverized dried dates. In my opinion, they lend very little in flavor surprisingly and in no way comes close to the candi syrups.

12/22/09 08:58 AM  
Re: Date sugar compared?
I too have used dk candi syrup (75% syrup to 25% sugar) with great success. I used this ratio on the same BDS recipe in which 100% sugar was used. The difference was amazing. The dk candi syrup beer was much more complex, didn't dry out as much and had a fuller mouthfeel. Significant dark fruit flavors (raisins, plums, currants) Competition scoring also went from the upper 30s to low 40s.

+1 on Al's Date sugar opinion. I didn't like it when I used it.

12/22/09 03:54 PM  
Re: Date sugar compared?
When i read that it was ground up dates i figured it had to have great flavor..... guess not

Of the Candi products would the concensus be that D@ is prob too dark or a dubbel?

12/22/09 04:37 PM  
Re: Date sugar compared?
Between D and D2, I prefer the D. But I think a blend of mainly D with a touch of D2 would be good. Some other sugars I've tried:

Date molasses, this was actually really nice. Not much in color but some nice subtle flavors.

Grape molasses, had much more pronounce molasses flavor. I would use more than 1/2 lb for 5 gallons.

Jaggery, has a distinct nutty character in the finish that sometimes I like, other times I'd rather avoid. I haven't made up my mind. Some love it.

Piloncillo, close to date molasses. I like it.

D Sryup - great complexity, fruity. Wish it had more color.

D2 Syrup - more roaty than D and darker. Seems less complex.

Soft Drak Candi - Can't pinpoint anything unique about it, but I do like it.

Beet/Cane sugar - works just fine!

Buckwheat honey - Just a hint of the buckwheaty molasses character. Worked nice in BGS.

Maple Syrup - I had doubts baout this one, but the one I tried (even though it was infected) had nice qualities. Actaully have one going myself now.

12/22/09 04:39 PM  
Re: Date sugar compared?
<<I would use more than 1/2 lb for 5 gallons.>>

AAAAaaahhhh - that should have read "I would NOT use more than 1/2 lb for 5 gallons."

12/22/09 08:24 PM  
Re: Date sugar compared?
+1 on the recommendations for:


(also sometimes known as "Gur"). If you have access to good Indian grocery stores you can sometimes find darker versions of this. The most common type is kind of buff or amber color but sometimes you can find it as dark as mahogany brown (interior a wonderful burnt orange).


(also known as "Panela") Goya makes a decent version that comes in a hard plate-like round shape that is easy to find, but you can also find slightly cruder versions shaped in truncated cones (try Mexican/Central American groceries). Not sure that there is much difference other than the shape, though.

Mike T
12/23/09 10:03 AM  
Re: Date sugar compared?
I had good results with date sugar, rehydrated and added to secondary of a pale-ish Belgian beer. It was not reallly distinct, but I thought it added a very "Belgian" character to the beer that I don't get from unrefined cane sugars. That said I agree with eveyone else that the dark candi syrup is the way to go.
12/23/09 03:01 PM  
Re: Date sugar compared?
Really like the D syrup. A bit pricey, but it goes a long way. Just recently used up .75 pounds I had lying around from a Dubbel made a while ago for a double brett brown ale (1070 gravity) with brett C. and L. in primary. Doesn't really add that much color but the flavor is fairly complex. Have also used demerara/turbinado with good results. Not much flavor impact though..
12/23/09 03:15 PM  
Re: Date sugar compared?
Love the D & D2 syrups. Try Palm sugar in Tripels and Strong Goldens - I love it!
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