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11/25/09 03:31 PM  
cranberry juice in mead?
Hi all. I've got a question about a mead I've been working on. I'm not sure if many of you do meads, but it's pretty much a general fermentation question anyway.

I started a 5 gallon batch of mead in august using cranberry blossom honey from a local producer who works near the WI cranberry bogs. I racked it the other day and took a sample while I was at it. It dropped all the way to 1.000 and is obviously very dry. (Although way too young, it comes off very much like a decent white wine right now.)

My question is, before I bottle it sometime next year, if I were to add a small amount of cranberry juice into the mix to bring out the cranberry character a bit more (assuming the juice is something packaged w/ some preservative) would that effectively backsweeten it a bit as well due to the preservatives?

11/25/09 03:44 PM  
Re: cranberry juice in mead?
Id mix some cranberry juice in a glass with it first to test. The juice is not really all that sweet.
11/25/09 05:29 PM  
Re: cranberry juice in mead?
I used cranberry juice in a melomel a few years back, I used the Knudsen Just Cranberry Juice that contained 0 sugar, it was very tart and added some much needed tannin to the melomel, I also added some K-sorbate and a small amount of sugar to backsweeten as well

If I remember correctly I used ~32oz in 2.5gal of melomel and it had a very stront cranberry presence, I cant recall how much sugar, it was to taste and I left it fairly dry adding only enough to offset the sourness of the juice a bit

11/25/09 10:51 PM  
Re: cranberry juice in mead?
Thanks for the advice. (I definitely plan to test it first if I do go with this idea.)
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