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I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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03/07/10 08:12 PM  
Re: a new BugFarm is upon us........
Finally got to use my bugfarm batch! Made a 1 L starter 30 hrs in advance and pitched into a flanders red 1.060 gravity. Aerated it well, good amount of french oak with about 16 IBU's of an earthy, spicy hop blend.

Man, the starter even smelled amazing! Thanks again Al! I will be getting you back very soon.... :)

Mike T
03/08/10 10:47 AM  
Re: a new BugFarm is upon us........
Despite temps in the 60s the Bugfarm took our ~1.055 wort down to 1.015 in a week. We then pitched an additional 30 gallons of wort into the barrel which fermented out even faster. It smells a bit sulfury now, but nothing too objectionable.

Here is the recipe and some pictures from the two ~30 gallon brewdays if anyone is interested: http://www.themadfermentationist.com/2010/03/sour-solera-beer-barrel.html

06/08/10 09:49 PM  
Re: a new BugFarm is upon us........
About 10 days ago I noticed that my airlock was looking low, so I took off my carboy hood briefly to fill it. Prior to that, my pellicle was ivory, thick, and dusty. Since then, it's gotten thinner looking, the large bubbles have gotten huge (bigger than golf balls), and it has gotten darker/somewhat brownish. Temperature may be a bit lower in the house due to ac as well. Is the somewhat brownish color something to be concerned about, or could it be some of the beer below that got pushed up? It doesn't look like mold....more like how krausen can pick up color.
06/08/10 11:37 PM  
Re: a new BugFarm is upon us........
I would like to get some of this bug farm for decadent

purposes! But, I wonder If you would like a sample

of the spontaneous ferment of my V8 Splash Mango Peach?

And if so, details are needed for me to get this to you.

06/09/10 02:51 AM  
Re: a new BugFarm is upon us........

Al sent this stuff out quite awhile ago now, over the winter. As he mentioned in another thread though, he's putting together the means to start selling some yeast & bugs in the near future, so keep an eye out for that.

06/09/10 07:38 PM  
Re: a new BugFarm is upon us........

the brownish color could be the flor sherry yeast joining in on the pellicle fun. I just read in another post that Al said it can do this and is highly attenuative. I have not seen this yet with my batch going though. I am sure it is probably fine especially with all the other crazy critters in there that have already taken hold. Be patient and smile at your pellicle often! :)

06/11/10 01:38 PM  
Re: a new BugFarm is upon us........
Glad to hear it. I wonder if the air conditioning dropped the temp enough to get the flor going? Wikipedia has a nice picture of flor - I hadn't noticed my pellicle extending down into the beer before, but it definately does now, and resembles that part of the flor picture. Exciting!

06/27/10 07:12 PM  
Re: a new BugFarm is upon us........
Hate to be a bother but are there any updates on the BugFarm or Saison blends? I'd love to get my hands on them. :)
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