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11/16/09 06:57 PM  
culturing dregs for starter
Got a big bottle of RR Consecration, and 2 big (750 mL) gueuzes to make a sour starter for my next lambic (along with WL Belgian Sour mix). I plan on pitching both the starter and the sour mix into the primary.


How big of a starter should I make and around what gravity for the dregs to be happy in? How long should I let the starter ferment before pitching?

Tom from Raleigh
11/17/09 09:33 AM  
Re: culturing dregs for starter
If it were me, I would keep the RR dregs separate from the gueze dregs, b/c RR is hard for me to get and expensive. I'd want a pure culture on hand. That's just me, tho.

I made a straight Lambic in January that I was very happy with. It was my first. I made a 1.5L starter and pitched the dregs from a few Cantillions. Once I had some activity, I pitched it into 5 gallons of wort. It tastes great, just like I'd hoped. I didn't use any commercial yeast and would do the same again for a straight Lambic. This beer took a 1st in Sours in a local comp and scored a 43.

You may want to double check your yeast selection as I believe that WL Sour Mix is for a Flanders and not a Lambic.

11/17/09 07:09 PM  
Re: culturing dregs for starter
WL sour mix has brett, sacch, pedio, and lacto. I believe that blend is good for a lambic and possibly even good for flanders (if no Roselare can be had).

Did you step up your 1.5 L starter or just pitch the dregs directly into the whole amount (1.5L)? How long did it take for the starter to show activity? did you aerate your starter?

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