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11/15/09 12:02 PM  
flaked wheat in extract lambic
In a few weeks I will be brewing up an extract lambic and wanted to add some extra starches/nonfermentables for the brett/bacteria in the WL sour mix to chomp down on over the long haul. Looking for the best technique...

Can I just steep 2# flaked wheat in my total amount of brewing water (6.5 gallons to boil down to 5.5) at 152 or so for 45 min (or so)? Or should I steep in less water (like 3 gallons) to get some of those starches into the water before adding the extract?

Tom from Raleigh
11/15/09 10:45 PM  
Re: flaked wheat in extract lambic
You could. If your goal is to add starches to your lambic, I'd add maltodextrin, since the bugs want dextrins.
Al B
11/16/09 01:18 PM  
Re: flaked wheat in extract lambic
Good question for extract brewing.

If you look at traditional turbid mashing, the first liquid removed will have starch. This will important in the long haul. Next amount of turbid liquid removed will have more of dextrins, trisaccharides. etc. etc..

So I agree w/ Tom to add dextrin, but just as important will be some starch, so some steeping of wheat will help I would think.

11/16/09 06:50 PM  
Re: flaked wheat in extract lambic
In my last lambic I made, I added 3 oz of maltodextrin to the boil. Fermented it with US-05 and then racked to a carboy with the WY lambic blend. The beer fermented down to 1013 before racking. I kind of thought that the maltodextrin would keep it from fermenting down so low to leave unfermentables behind for the bugs. I was surprised to see that the maltodextrin didn't really leave as much behind as I thought.

So it sounds like the recommendation is to steep some flaked wheat AND add maltodextrin to the brew?

Al B
11/17/09 09:52 AM  
Re: flaked wheat in extract lambic
Not too surprising, 3 oz of dextrin is not alot.

You could probably substitute some extract for a larger quantity of dextrin (like a lb), and definitely add a starch. You are taking one step closer to turbid mashing - the BEST way for making a quality lambic.

11/17/09 06:59 PM  
Re: flaked wheat in extract lambic
I definitely would love to do a traditional lambic with a turbid mash, but I am not sure if I have enough of the equipment to pull one off (maybe I do and just don't know).

With a few lambics fermenting now, I will have some time to research turbid mashing and figure out what the best way to do one with my equipment. I feel like I wanted to get comfortable working with different yeasts/critters before I studied turbid mashing. Definitely looking forward to making my first REAL lambic. Thanks for the patience....

11/17/09 07:05 PM  
Re: flaked wheat in extract lambic
This might be the place to use wheat flour in the boil. Combined with dextrin and wheat flour the wort might be very close to the turbid mash.

11/18/09 07:10 PM  
Re: flaked wheat in extract lambic
So I defintely plan on adding 1 pound of maltodextrin to the boil. It appears as though 1 pound will add about 8 gravity points in a 5 gallon batch (Palmer).

Wonder how the wheat flour would do? I guess it would basically be the same thing (if not better) than steeping flaked wheat. Any idea how much wheat flour I should use, and if so, would that lead to a permanent haze or would the bugs take care of that over the long haul?

11/18/09 11:55 PM  
Re: flaked wheat in extract lambic

The flour idea came from a Wit brew done at a local brewery and Jim Liddil mentions it in his article on Lambics.


"A final note concerns the use of wheat flour. A few individuals have reported replacing the wheat fraction of the grist with whole wheat flour. They reported no problems with a stuck mash or slow run off. Of course as they say, your mileage may vary. Whether or not this will work for you will depend on your mashing and lautering setup as well as your level of experience. If you are feeling adventurous give it a try. "

I used about a cup of wheat flour in the boil (10 BBLS) to lend a permanent haze. If the haze is from starches and the bugs like to feed of said starch over time, it might be worth it. I am planning on adding about a Tbs per 5 gallon batch soon. If you try the flour idea, premix the WW flour with some wort to make a thin soup before adding to the kettle. Dry flour tossed in will just ball up and sink to the bottom and might burn.

Hard to experiment on a beer that could take over a year to mature though!


11/19/09 07:39 PM  
Re: flaked wheat in extract lambic
good idea for mixing the flour with some wort first...I could see how that would easily ball up and sink to the bottom. I remember reading in Radical Brewing that Mosher suggested added some flour (like a TBL) to the last few minutes of the boil in a wit for starch haze.

Maybe a really fine grind (short of powder) would be a good idea for the flaked wheat to steep in the water before adding the extract.

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