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Stefan Berggren
11/11/09 11:48 AM  
MHTG Franco Belgian Challenge Results
BOS John Soens, Lam-Wit, 17D Lambic

Category 16

1st Bier De La Hara, 16E Belgian Blonde w/ Hibuscus, Stefan Berggren,MHTG

2nd Witchy Wife Wit, 16A Witbier, John Soen's Albequerque, NM Dukes of Ale

3rd Tripel Dog Dare, 16E Tripel w/ Dark Candi Sugar,Grains of Paradise and Black Liorice, Greg Rosinski, Wenatchee, WA

Category 17

1st-Lam-wit, 17A, Lambic, John Soens, Albuquerque, NM, Dukes of Ale

2nd-Flanders Red II, 17B Flanders Red, Dan Schlosser, Wauwatosa, Milwaukee Beer Barons

3rd- Ned's Red, 17B Flanders Red, Jim Lapekas, MHTG

Honorable Mention- Sour Cherry Wit, 17F Fruit Lambic, John Soens, Albuquerque, NM, Dukes of Ale

Category 18

First-Sincerely Blonde, 18A Belgian Blonde Ale, Andrew Ippolito, MD, Brewing Network

Second-Double Wire Transfer Dubbel, 18B Dubbel, Peter Czerpak, SanFrancisco, CA, Silicon Valley Sudzers

Third- Bucky's Red, 18E Belgian Dark Strong, Fabricio De Souza, Madison, WI

I would like to thank all of the Volunteers and Sponsors for the Franco Belgian Challenge Cup that made the event possible, especially the Ale Asylum for graciously hosting us.

Judges: Jeff Enders, Ted Fisher, Jim Goronson, Tony Jacques, Brian Joas, Eric Jones, Erica Jones, Steve Klafka, Jim Lapekas, Mark Morrison, Mike Muckian, Will Mueller, Heather Oakes Palmer, Bob Paolino, Brandon Peters, Dave Pegelow, Jeremy Rintz, Tom Rutkowski, Jaquie Rice, Peter Steinberg, Keith Symonds, Jason Van Pee.

Stewards: Nick Balazs, Dan Bradley, Jeff Folgert, Tony Hazlett, Casey Koehner, Pat Propsom.

Staff: Mark Alfred, Gail Propsom, Mark Schnepper


Ale Asylum www.aleasylum.com

Hop Union www.hopunion.com

Mid Country Malt Supply www.countrymaltgroup.com

Midwest Brewers Magazines

Midwest Supplies www.midwestsupplies.com

Palisades Hops

Stone Brewery Co. www.stonebrew.com

Schafley Brewing Co. www.schlafly.com

3 Floyds Brewering Co. www.threefloyds.com

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. www.sierranevada.com

Wyeast Labratories www.wyeastlab.com

12/05/09 06:14 PM  
Re: MHTG Franco Belgian Challenge Results
Got my results: 34.25 overall

I'm happy considering it's a 7 year old beer entered on a whim. Glad I have more to drink.

cheers, david

12/06/09 10:14 AM  
Re: MHTG Franco Belgian Challenge Results

Just recieved my results also. A 37 for 1st place in Cat 18. I am very pleased and suprised that I placed at all and really surprised that a blonde would take 1st in this category. Thanks to all in this forum for your advice over the years.



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