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11/04/09 10:17 PM  
Would you use this fermentor?
A friend gave me a 15 gallon plastic fermentor that was used for making wine. it hasnt been used in years and there was some black mold around the outside where the top screws on. its a nalgene type plastic material.

i was thinking it might be ok for a sour beer. anyone else out there think it might be worth taking a shot at using it?

11/04/09 10:36 PM  
Re: Would you use this fermentor?
I have a very laissez faire attitude towards infected (inoculated would be a more precise word) fermentors but your mention of black mold is scary. I say trash.
11/05/09 06:57 AM  
Re: Would you use this fermentor?
John, how much is it worth? The volume and screw on top part make it sound unusual at least from a home brew perspective. It it is a nice find, I'd boil up some malt extract and do a fast, low gravity beer that you don't really care about. Ferment it and see what happens.
11/05/09 10:12 AM  
Re: Would you use this fermentor?
Al B
11/05/09 12:26 PM  
Re: Would you use this fermentor?
If you are looking for a large amount of sour brew, then a 15gal plastic fermentor will do the job. I would not try it on a non-sour brew. The mold doesn't bother me for this application, but the screws do (increased oxygen permeablity would invite acetification). Aging would be a concern in that respect.


11/05/09 06:14 PM  
Re: Would you use this fermentor?
Thanks guys.

im not sure how much its worth, it is pretty old as the guy who owned it hasnt made wine in years and years. it was free to me. the screw top is very narrow. maybe 3 inches in diameter. i was considering plastic welding or siliconing the top on after i drill a hole in it that will fit a big stopper and airlock. not sure if that would cut down on the oxygen permeability. it would only be for sour beers and could be a place to store 15 gal while i brew up enough to fill a barrel by myself.

think ill give it a go and see what happens.

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