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10/23/09 08:32 AM  
Brewing Biere de Garde
I'm gearing up to brew a biere de garde for the first time, and am a bit uncertain on one aspect of the fermentation. I haven't brewed an ale that got lagered at cold temps before, and so I don't know what to expect.

Farmhouse Ales recommends lagering the beer at 32-35 degrees for 4-6 weeks before bottling. What I'm not sure about is if I use an ale yeast such as Wyeast 3787 or 1388, will the lagering period kill the yeast? Will I need to add new yeast before bottling? Or will the yeast just go dormant, and be revived when the beer is warmed up for bottle conditioning?

Thanks for any help.

10/23/09 08:39 AM  
Re: Brewing Biere de Garde
Probably will need to reyeast... might want to just to be safe, or not for an experiment!
Al B
10/27/09 07:48 PM  
Re: Brewing Biere de Garde
I would definately reyeast after using one of those strains. Many times some Belgian yeast will go dormant - and sometimes not revived in big beers to go through priming.

I see WL is releasing a French ale at the end of the yr as a Platinum strain. Might be good for a BdG......

10/28/09 06:57 PM  
Re: Brewing Biere de Garde
End of the year as in this winter? I have never heard of that French Ale strain. Any idea which brewery its from?
Al B
10/28/09 08:27 PM  
Re: Brewing Biere de Garde
Suppose to be Nov/Dec platinum strain. Don't know the origin.
10/31/09 03:25 PM  
Re: Brewing Biere de Garde
I used #1338 European Ale yeast in my Biere de Garde with good results and would recommend it.

Definitely re-yeast when bottling. Yeasts do not die as a result of low temperature lagering but anything other than actual lager yeasts could go dormant to the extent that they are weakend too much to effectively bottle-condition the beer. An option is to go ahead and bottle using the fermentation yeast before lagering and then do the lagering in the bottles.

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