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10/22/09 02:18 AM  
Wyeast or White Labs?
Do all the respective strains of brett seem to taste and act the same from each supplier?

Anyone do side by side tests?

All the beers I have souring right now are Wyeast bretts, lacto and pedio. (That is until I brew up some wort for the Al Blend this week!! Thanks again Al.) So far I am happy with the results and how they are progressing. White Labs is just easier to get at the local shop.



10/26/09 02:28 AM  
Re: Wyeast or White Labs?
No one has a preference one way or the other?

I know better than that. EVERYONE here has a reason for choosing their yeast source.

Any one care to voice why they buy WL over WY or vice a versa?


10/26/09 08:08 AM  
Re: Wyeast or White Labs?
Sure, I'll take the bait...

The only semi-comparable WL and WY I've tried is Wyeast Roeselare (VSS 3763) and White Labs Belgian Sour mix (WLP655). They seem pretty close generally, but the Roeselare blend seemed "cleaner" to me. Some off, funky, skunked flavors were present in the WLP655. They weren't terrible and I'd use 655 if I wanted to make a flanders during the year when Roeselare isn't available. It may have cleaned up more if I had given it some more time too. But since I only make flemish reds once a year, I'll wait for the annual Roeselare release.

10/26/09 10:39 AM  
Re: Wyeast or White Labs?
Good to hear about your experience with WL.

Thanks Spidey.

10/26/09 02:41 PM  
Re: Wyeast or White Labs?
I haven't compared between the two yet, but just got some WL Brett L and am a bit confused.

In the back of Wild Brews they state that Wyeasts Brett L gives a big cherry flavor, while WL Brett L gives more of a smokey spicy note.

Damn, I was looking for the cherry note from the brett, but didn't read this until I had already purchased the WL version. Anyone have experience with these two?

Al B
10/26/09 02:55 PM  
Re: Wyeast or White Labs?
The WL and WY strains are different.

The WY lambicus strain does give a slight cherry / cherry-stone note (not a huge cherry flavor) w/ some barn and acidity. Of the commerical strains, its the one I use most. I recommend adding it to the secondary or after a primary yeast for the biggest impact.

While I have never used WL bretts by themselves (usually with other strains) , I don't have a preferrence between WY & WL when it comes to regular yeast strains.

Al Bruxellensis

10/26/09 07:00 PM  
Re: Wyeast or White Labs?

Is the WY Brett L what give the WY Roselare it's cherry note? I've been wondering the difference between the Roselare and Lambic blend. Both probably contain Lacto and Pedio right? is the only difference one has Brett B and one Brett L?

Al B
10/26/09 07:52 PM  
Re: Wyeast or White Labs?
The Rosey blend most likely contains lambicus, pedio, lacto, and a neutral Sacch yeast possibly American ale.

The lambic blend contains lambicus, brux, pedio, lacto, and sherry yeast I believe.

10/27/09 06:17 AM  
Re: Wyeast or White Labs?
I remember choosing WY Sour mix over WL Sour Mix, because the WY one didn't have pediococcus. I've been getting more than enough lactic acid out of lactobacillus, that I didn't think it necessary to introduce the diacetyl risk from pedio. I know Brett + Sacc are supposed to remove the diacetyl, but I've noticed diacetyl in some commercial sours with Brett, so I know Brett is not perfect at removing diacetyl.

On a separate note, I also talked to someone, who mentioned something about the cell counts in WY smack packs being much larger than the WL tubes. I have no experience with the cell counts of the two, so maybe someone else should comment on that.

10/27/09 06:20 AM  
Re: Wyeast or White Labs?
Also, why does WY add a sherry yeast to their sour mix? I know very little about sherry yeast. Can someone educate me? Why is it beneficial for sours? Is it useful for any other beer styles?
Al B
10/27/09 08:01 AM  
Re: Wyeast or White Labs?
What is WY sour mix?

I'm fairly certain the WL brett tubes have less cells than the WY brett pouches. The commercial bretts are intended for secondary fermentations, so in that sense, populations are what they are.

Sherry yeast (and many more) have been isolated from traditional lambic. It is Saccharomyces fermentati a.k.a Toluropsis delbrueckii. It can produce Flor or pellicle when exposed to oxygen and produce esters & acetylaldehydes (green apple). I wasn't keen on it as a sole fermenter on a barleywine I did way back when.

10/28/09 11:05 PM  
Re: Wyeast or White Labs?
Al where did you get your sherry flor? Ive been looking for it for sometime now,I know Red Star used to produce a dry version but that has been discontinued, are there any other producers out there?
Al B
10/29/09 07:23 AM  
Re: Wyeast or White Labs?
I use the old Red Star, but WL had one out not long ago.

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