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10/22/09 01:28 AM  
All-brett C pellicle
Hi all. Sorry if this has been covered. I did some searching first.

I recently did my first all-brett brew with White Labs Brett C., stepped up to a 1L starter. After a couple weeks in the primary I racked it to a secondary carboy. Now, 2 days later, I was surprised to find a beautiful pellicle formed while I was at work!

Anyway, I was just curious how often you guys that regularly do all-brett beers get pellicles? (I'm assuming it has to do with the oxygen in the secondary since it formed so quickly after the racking.)

Also, now that this pellicle is here, can I simply poke my racking cane through and bottle when I decide it's ready? (OG was 1.060, was down to 1.018 when I racked for what it's worth)

10/22/09 01:36 PM  
Re: All-brett C pellicle
You know what's weird? Pellicles are certainly no stranger to brett fermenting in general, but I'm not sure I have ever gotten one with Brett C. Then again, whenever I brew with BC its an AlB developed slurry or enormous proportions. Perhaps that is a contributing factor, the BC tends to work at a similar pace to more conventional yeast.
10/22/09 11:52 PM  
Re: All-brett C pellicle
It *was* a pretty standard pace for the initial fermentation (aside from the fact that it took a few days to get started, but that seems to be pretty normal for BC.)

As mentioned above, I'm fairly certain it was a matter of oxygen above the wort once I racked to the secondary that triggered it. I was still a bit surprised. I guess I always assumed it was more something that happened when Brett gets added as a secondary yeast. Ah well. It sure looks fun. I just need to decide when it's ok to bottle now. I'll probably wait another couple weeks and, assuming the gravity isn't plunging at that point I'll just poke a hole and rack to the bottling bucket from beneath the pellicle unless someone tells me otherwise.

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