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10/19/09 04:36 PM  
Refermentation Advice/Opinions
Looking for some advice from those of you who have done something similar before. I recently brewed a "Black Saison" style beer using cultured Dupont yeast. The beer predictably dried all the way out pretty quickly, after which time I threw it in my conditioning/lagering fridge to mellow out a bit while I could get my hands on some red grape juice. I got some freshly pressed, unpasteurized juice from the Wine/Grape guys at the local farmer's market a couple weeks back, but before I pitched it, I wanted to taste the beer, so I poured off a couple of pints. After that, I let the beer come up to room temp and pitched the juice into the corny keg, and attached a tube going into some sanitiser from the gas in post. It's been almost a week and there's no sign of active referment. I'm concerned that when I drew off those (very cloudy) pints, that I may have taken away a bunch of the yeast that would have worked on the juice. Logic tells me there's probably still plenty in suspension and that it will eventually kick in, but I'm wondering if I should pitch some other yeast/bacteria to the beer to get it going. Advice/opinions?
10/20/09 09:01 AM  
Re: Refermentation Advice/Opinions
Of course, as I walked into my basement to check this morning, I saw that fermentation has kicked up! Now let's see how far it goes...
10/20/09 02:23 PM  
Re: Refermentation Advice/Opinions
YEE-HA! Go yeasties!

I added pear juice to a dark saison with WY3711 in the secondary last year. Took about a day and a half until some fermentation was visible, and the kraeusen in the carboy never exceeded maybe 1/4" of foam. Even when there wasn't visible activity or airlock bubbling I could hear a steady crackling noise with my ear at the carboy neck.

It finished out nicely, fermenting out all of the added gravity pts from the pear juice and knocking off a further point of the original wort.

Glad to hear yours looks to be running along. What was the ABV at racking? Are you going to force-carbonate when done?

10/20/09 03:09 PM  
Re: Refermentation Advice/Opinions
That's good to know. The ABV at racking was pretty low, probably around 5.5% max. I'll be force carbonating when it gets back down to around the gravity it was before I added the juice -- around 1.008 or 1.006.
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