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10/15/09 07:48 PM  
My strange friend Brett....
Been brewing the 100% wild brett beers and really beginning to see how varied these critters can be with regards to the fermentation process. Brewed last Sat- Pitched a 1 L starter (7 days-warm) each of Brett L. and Brett C. into a 1064 pale wort. 90 sec. pure oxygen and held low 70's till fermentation began (next morning). 1.5 -2 inch krausen for 3-4 days, and has been dropping quickly for the past two days. I mashed at a low 148/90 min. and I KNOW there is no way those yeast are even close to being done with their dinner!

10/21/09 01:26 AM  
Re: My strange friend Brett....
So where is the beer now?
10/21/09 11:37 AM  
Re: My strange friend Brett....
Yep, the party has just started!!
10/21/09 07:47 PM  
Re: My strange friend Brett....
Going on about 2 wks here into fermentation and doing my best to keep the beer around 70 degrees or so. The airlock is still bubbling every 8 seconds or so, and there is a ton of yeast still in suspension. As for the krausen it is pretty much gone except for some interestingly large bubbles on the surface. I am just going to let this one ride out for about 2 mos. or so, or until I can't wait any longer. I have learned a lot brewing with these interesting critters and continue to gain respect for them and the wonderful charactieristics they produce.

Once this batch is mostly done, half (3 gallons) will be going on 6# of sour cherries I picked and froze from this summer along with some french oak for aging. The other half of course will go into my stomach and liver for human consumption!

The leftover yeast will then be used to brew a stronger brown ale (flanders style) which will also get some sour cherries and oak for aging.

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