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10/09/09 08:31 PM  
WY Brett C. Aroma
Brewing up a double brett brew tomorrow (Sat) , and my 7 day quart starter fermented in 75-78 range smells reminiscient of fecal, slightly more than just barnyard. I have brewed with this yeast before and never got this aroma, but have always fermented 65-70 degree range.

Anyone ever get this smell before and if so, will it work itself out? Should also mention that the other Brett is Lambicus and was originated from the same batch of starter wort with same techniques (sanitary) smells great! What do ya think?

10/09/09 08:48 PM  
Re: WY Brett C. Aroma
I made a berliner weisse with Brett C from WL as the primary yeast strain, and it gave off a combination of cheese and vomit. It was fermented at the upper 70s range as well.

I initially chalked it up to bad sanitation, but the Brett L batch made at the same time with the same wort and the same starter procedures tastes great.

I am aging it out and seeing if the smell goes away. It isn't nearly as strong in the flavor.

10/09/09 09:48 PM  
Re: WY Brett C. Aroma
How long have you been aging it? Have you noticed any dissipation of those aroma characteristics? Could it just be a super-funky characteristic of the mellow brett C?
10/10/09 02:25 AM  
Re: WY Brett C. Aroma
It is about 2.5months old at this point. The smell was vomity at first (right when fermentation ended), then became more like cheese (after about 1.5weeks), and when I racked it at around the 6week mark, it was a bit more subtle. My girlfriend didn't think it smelled bad, but I thought it still had a rather potent (and unpleasant) smell. The taste was fairly clean compared to the taste. So I would say there was a fairly significant dissipation of the aroma. Who knows how it will age sealed in a keg though.

I haven't smelled it or tasted it since racking it though.

10/10/09 04:28 PM  
Re: WY Brett C. Aroma
Update... I brewed up the Sans le Chat today, cooled and pitched a 1 quart starter of WY Brett L. into the wort. The Brett C. starter still smelled overly funky as before. I had a quick taste of it, and it tasted just like other Brett C. beers I had made. So , I pitched the majority of the 1 qt. starter of that into the wort too! Was shooting for a 1062 gravity and got over 80% efficiency with a 1064 SG.

I guess we both learned a bit more about Brett C. and fermentation temps. Fermenting in the mid to high 70's makes the yeast kick off some fecal/vomit aromas. Very strange bird that one is. Still love brewing with it though!

10/11/09 06:33 AM  
Re: WY Brett C. Aroma
Completely agree that Brett L smells fantastic, nearly adds enough cherry to call it a fruit beer. I really didn't get much off aromas from WY Brett C though. I thought it was pretty tame, mild. I've only done one beer with it and had to ferment in the upper 70s for the duration to get it to ferment out. (Must admit I added chipotles, mango puree and Rauch malt to the beer so any subtlety it added is pretty impossible to taste/smell)
10/16/09 03:34 AM  
Re: WY Brett C. Aroma
So I would have to say that the WY5151 B. claussenii is actually a fruity strain while propagating at least in my experiences... In barrels I have had a lot of trouble with it. I have had garbagy off flavor and everything in between. I would recommend to wait on it for some time. It is a nice strain but it seems to take some time to mature and come around...
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