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I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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Stefan Berggren
10/04/09 08:15 PM  
Stille Nacht - Clone Anyone?
Does anyone have a good guess or experience in producing something similar to De Dolle's Stille Nacht? I am on a quest and need a Frodo to guide me !

Thanks !


10/05/09 12:42 AM  
Re: Stille Nacht - Clone Anyone?
In six follicle-graying steps:

1. Read the De Dolle website. Pale malt and white candy sugar. A long boil with nugget hops. 27 Plato. Concoct similar recipe.

2. Build huge starter of De Dolle yeast.

3. Brew the thing and wait.

4. Bottle with champagne yeast because the wonderful yeast you used for primary has committed seppuku for your alcoholic benefit.

5. Drink and be horribly disappointed that you brewed a merely good beer that your piss-head friends will love.

6. Just buy as much of the real thing as you can find/afford and don't bother with the frustration.

I hope somebody else can be more helpful.

Stefan Berggren
10/05/09 10:11 AM  
Re: Stille Nacht - Clone Anyone?
Tim.... I have half a case in the basement waiting for the correct time :) However I am always up to a challenge and have been wanting to try this adventure to see if it is even possible to make something remotely similar. Anyone else want to chime in to see if this recipe can be deconstructed and made to work for a homebrewer?
10/05/09 03:46 PM  
Re: Stille Nacht - Clone Anyone?
Can offer no recipe but I can offer two details ommitted by Tims instructions. 1, I learned once on the BBB (the board on the other side of the street) that SN has the highest finishing gravity of any Belgian beer. I believe it was Joris over there who set me straight, I don't recall the FG numbers but I do recall being aghast by them. So ... don't attunuate too high!

The second detail I recall from my tour there, this one straight from mama herself. Prime with honey.

10/05/09 03:53 PM  
Re: Stille Nacht - Clone Anyone?
Oh, one more thing. I found this beer to vary wildly from year to year. You should really keep in mind when looking to make something remotely similar to a given batch that often DeDolle fails that challenge!

Maybe one more thing to keep in mind. SN from the "yeast from Rodenbach" days is really, really, REALLY different from the post Rodenbach days. IMO, the old stuff - no matter the year - kicked the living snot outta the newer versions. If I were you I'd ferment it with something as close to an authentic Rodenbach blend as possible.

Stefan Berggren
10/05/09 08:22 PM  
Re: Stille Nacht - Clone Anyone?

I agree the older versions of Stille Nacht were amazing, and the reserva was very interesting. I am doing some research and will be back in Belgium come spring (possible trip to Esen) Thanks for the encouragement and reminding me that De Dolle has some variance with its production as do some other ghostly farmhouse ales....



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