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10/04/09 04:27 PM  
Ideas for Surly AHA wort
So, I'm going the AHA rally at Surly Brewing and they're giving away some wort. Here is the recipe:

Surly / AHA Rally Beer Recipe

82% Canada Malting Pale Ale Malt

10.8% Fawcett Brown Malt

3.6% Dark Candi Syrup

1.8% Fawcett Crystal 85L

1.8% Fawcett Dark Crystal 120L

Bittering –Columbus

Whirlpool/aroma -Willamette

OG 21

IBU 64

I'm just wondering if anyone has ideas for what yeast to use with this. I'm in the middle of buying a house and haven't brewed in over a month and it hasn't been on my mind as of late, so i'm at a loss for ideas. Any input is greatly appreciated.

Matt S
10/05/09 08:30 AM  
Re: Ideas for Surly AHA wort
I would just use a clean yeast like a california ale yeast or a US-05.
10/05/09 10:32 AM  
Re: Ideas for Surly AHA wort
i'm thinking of whipping up a starter from a bottle of supplication.
Matt S
10/05/09 12:13 PM  
Re: Ideas for Surly AHA wort
That might work I am just not sure how bitter the wort will be. I know that Surly beers are usually really hoppy and I just wouldn't want that to take away from the Funk.
Al B
10/05/09 06:10 PM  
Re: Ideas for Surly AHA wort
Surly makes great brews......although you know that already. I have no other input.

Al B surly

10/06/09 10:52 AM  
Re: Ideas for Surly AHA wort
good call, yeah i'll prolly just do a straight up beer with it.
10/06/09 11:39 AM  
Re: Ideas for Surly AHA wort
So how is Surly planning to fernment it?

And what do they call that beer?


10/06/09 04:05 PM  
Re: Ideas for Surly AHA wort
I don't think they are planning to ferment it at all, just making it for the AHA rally there and filling carboys/buckets/whatever.
10/06/09 05:29 PM  
Re: Ideas for Surly AHA wort
I vote for a nice fruity top fermenting English yeast. Or perhaps go the opposite direction and try a smooth bottom fermenting German yeast. Or what about Anchor Brewing's Steam Beer yeast?

10/08/09 03:33 PM  
Re: Ideas for Surly AHA wort
i'm gonna go with WLP013 London Ale Yeast. should be mighty tasty
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