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Tom from Raleigh
09/08/09 02:09 PM  
Reviving 30 Year Old Lacto
A generous friend shared some 30 year old Kindl Berliner Weisse with me. The beer tasted great. Bright and crisp. I got a hold of the dregs and wanted to reproduce the beer.

I put the dregs in 500 mL of wort and it seemed to ferment. Then I put that container in the fridge for a month. Now, I'm trying to step up the starter. There's a layer of brown stuff on the bottom which I assume is dead yeast/lacto. How long should I give the starter to see if its viable?

Al B
09/08/09 08:36 PM  
Re: Reviving 30 Year Old Lacto

I'm skeptical that you have both yeast & lacto from a 30yr old brew, but let's analyze what you might have w/out having the benefit of a microscope.......

Pour off the starter liquid and add fresh wort (check gravity & pH of the fresh wort). Add to the sludge and ferment. Check gravity & pH again to compare. Does it smell lactic? etc. etc.

Tom from Raleigh
09/13/09 12:48 PM  
Re: Reviving 30 Year Old Lacto
I definitely have a lactic fermentation going. There's white foam typical of lacto on the top of both of my starters. By that I mean the foam is very white, rather than the off white I'm used to with yeast. I smell the lemony tartness of lacto. I didn't check the pH or take a gravity.

I'm going to pitch 1.5 of the starters into a quasi Flanders Brown wort I just made up.

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