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09/05/09 03:07 AM  
Solera barrel 2
Also have a second question. Since I plan to harvest every 20 gallon every 6 months is one barrel enough or would it better to start a second and or third barrel?

Can a 55 gallon (208 Liter) barrel full of bugs get to old?

Mike T
09/08/09 04:45 PM  
Re: Solera barrel 2
That sounds like you are taking too much sour beer.

The way the math works out taking 1/2 the beer every year will leave a blend that averages 2 year old, 1/3 - 3 years old, 1/4 - 4 years old etc...

I would think somewhere between 2-3 years on average would be a pretty good range for most sours, but it would be an issue of personal taste (at your rate you will eventually get beer that averages 1.4 years old).

I doubt you will have a problem with your bugs even at this rate, my concern would be that the addition from 6 months primor might not be 100% fermented out.

My friend Nathan and I will be on the Basic Brewing Radio podcast in a couple weeks talking about solera, but neither of us has done a full barrel solera as of yet.

09/15/09 03:35 PM  
Re: Solera barrel 2
This is the "solera" schedule for my Flanders Red, using 2 Better Bottles w/ 1oz toasted cubes in each:

Year 1

brew 5gal Flanders Red

Year 2

brew 5gal Flanders Red

Year 3

combine Year 1 and Year 2, bottle half

brew 5 gal Flanders Red

Year 4

Combine year 3 with year 1/2, bottle half

brew 5 gal Flanders Red


I'm just about onto year 3, so I'll finally get to taste a finished product within the next 4-6 months.

09/16/09 01:05 PM  
Re: Solera barrel 2
Mark, that's exciting stuff. What do you think of this solera plan?

This weekend I plan on bottling 2-3 gallons of an oerbier inspired batch brewed last May and refilling with the first runnings of a parti-gyle of the same recipe. Future bottling will depend on taste of samples.

For the second runnings I plan to drop them onto the lees and leftover fruit from a sour raspberry batch* and maybe tossing in some Dupont yeast a day or two in. My hope for this portion is that it becomes overly sour and dry for blending. Each fermentor has "infected" oak spirals.

*Also to be bottled this weekend. Has an excellent balance of acidity and fruity sweetness.

09/17/09 03:46 PM  
Re: Solera barrel 2
This is all pretty new to me at this point, but I think it sounds good.

I'm trying to keep things simple (not changing recipe), and hopefully develop some complexities by blending multiple years. Time will tell, patience is definitely the most important factor in these types of projects.

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