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09/04/09 10:14 AM  
Berliner - Saison?
Today I am brewing a 100% Pils Saison and was thinking of adding some lacto to one of the carboys for 24 hours before adding the 3711 yeast.

Any thoughts on this idea from the group??

I do love sour beers and think this might be a great way to add some sourness to a neutral Saison for tap.

Let me know before 1200 Pacific.

Thanks for any thoughts and ideas. Any ideas how long this would have to age before drinking?


Al B
09/04/09 10:25 AM  
Re: Berliner - Saison?
What gravity & hop level are ya shooting for? Mash temp?

How old is the lacto?

How sour do you want it?

09/04/09 10:35 AM  
Re: Berliner - Saison?
Al B,

What gravity & hop level are ya shooting for? 1.050 and 20 IBU

Mash temp? 147, right now (7:33am), then on to 158-10 min and 170 - 10 min.

How old is the lacto? About 3 weeks, kept at 34 deg

How sour do you want it? I love La Folie! But a nice background to blend with the yeast flavor would be nice.

Time line to tap?



Al B
09/04/09 10:43 AM  
Re: Berliner - Saison?
I would add the lacto & the yeast at the same time. That should work well enough. Bring the lacto out of the fridge to warm up.

<<Time line to tap?>>

That's up to you, 3711 will dry that up fast, so it'll be a matter of sourness level. Good luck.

09/04/09 10:56 AM  
Re: Berliner - Saison?
I have never made a Berliner. Does it go through a "sickness" like other sours?

Thanks, time to ramp up the mash temp and take the 2 year old to his first day of preschool.


Al B
09/04/09 11:01 AM  
Re: Berliner - Saison?
Lacto doesn't produce a slimey sickness. That comes from certain strains of Pediococcus.

09/11/09 03:41 PM  
Re: Berliner - Saison?
The 3711 beer from last week is down to 1.004 for the non-lacto and 1.002 in the lacto batch.

Not much sourness even though the lacto had 24 hours head start.

Will is sour more if aged warm? Or is that it and I should just keg it, cool it and drink it?

09/11/09 04:10 PM  
Re: Berliner - Saison?
I don't know why, but often after a week or two, you will have no sourness, and then BAM, in another week or two, you have a good amount. It doesn't make sense to me, as the lacto should have already produced the lactic acid, but that is what has been happening with my Berliners (though I have only made 30gal so far, so not much experience).

I would leave it around 80 or so if you can for another month or two. If you are worried, maybe pitch some Cuvee Renee dregs in, though you shouldn't need to.

09/12/09 11:09 PM  
Re: Berliner - Saison?
Now that the FG is down to 1.002 can I bottle it? How does one bottle a Berliner?

Bulk age? Carboy for a week cold? Keg and warm age? The possibilities are endless.

Thank you,


09/13/09 05:23 PM  
Re: Berliner - Saison?
If it isn't sour enough yet, age it warm, give the lacto a chance to work, it shouldn't let you down. I doubt it matters much if it is in the bottle or keg or carboy.

I wouldn't worry about bottling it at this stage, it should be just fine. Just make sure you use strong bottles for the typically high carb level.

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