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I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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10/16/09 11:25 AM  
Re: Alís Berliner blend
Tasted this last night and pleased to taste all of the sulphur has dropped out -- leaving a nice grainy, pleasantly sour, very drinkable brew! Set the carb last night, this should be ready to drink this weekend!
Al B
10/16/09 06:43 PM  
Re: Alís Berliner blend
Excellent. Thanks for the update.
Al B
03/11/10 11:27 AM  
batch 1 results
I just thought I'd check in on final thoughts of the blend I sent out - Ryan's got torched by the Phoenix Sun I know. I'll fix that next time hopefully.

03/11/10 12:47 PM  
Re: Alís Berliner blend
mine never really soured up much. i just pitched in though, didn't make a starter.
03/11/10 01:38 PM  
Re: Alís Berliner blend
I'm still sitting on the keg I brewed with the blend, last I checked it had kind of a sauerkraut smell, it was pleasantly tart though

mrb - how did you condition the beer, and how long did it take till the sulphur went away?

Al B
03/11/10 02:19 PM  
Re: Alís Berliner blend

Do you remember if you had refrigerated the vial and if so, how long before it was warmed up before pitching?

Do you know what pH was in the end?

Anything you recall would be helpful. Thanks.

03/11/10 02:49 PM  
Re: Alís Berliner blend
I cant wait until I have been a member of this board long enough to not be late to all the cool Al B stuff parties. lol
03/11/10 07:34 PM  
Re: Alís Berliner blend

If you get this one working well in the future will it too be available through east coast yeast? I have been hankering for some good yeast/bacteria that will brew a tasty berliner in one blend.

03/11/10 07:42 PM  
Re: Alís Berliner blend
Where can I get lactobacillus brevis? wildBREWS (pg 112) says it can tolerate hop acids. wildBREWs also mentions a pH limit of 3.8 from lactobacillus. This seems in line with my experience, but if you getting a pH of 3.4 I guess it can't be true for all conditions (strain, temp, time).
Al B
03/12/10 07:30 AM  
Re: Alís Berliner blend
<If you get this one working well in the future will it too be available through east coast yeast?>>

Yes. Although it may be a seasonal thing due to complexity - that is, it depends on a few factors. I do want to make a BW for the Summer anyway, so we'll see.


L. brevis is heterofermentative which is OK but may not be ideal for Berliner alone as a Lactobacillus. I haven't seen a cheap source for this strain in a collection. As far as pH goes, the limiting factors will be alcohol tolerance as well as hop levels (Berliners low) in addtion to strain, health, and such. Traditionally, L. delbrueckii is used alone or in a mixed bag of Lacto strains depending on the brewery.

Instead of brevis, you can use Fantome which is alcohol tolerant and hop resistent to an extent at least.

Jim T.
04/16/10 04:18 PM  
Re: Alís Berliner blend
I'll be interested in this one too. I hope it works out and I'll be glad to give it a try when available.
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