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I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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08/28/09 10:47 AM  
Soured Cherry Wit/Gose
So, I was just de-stemming ~20lbs of sweet red cherries and getting ready to toss them in the freezer. I started thinking that I have about 5-6lbs of extra cherries for an experimental beer (the rest are going in a lambic)

Now this is right off the cuff, but I was thinking of this, and I posted it on BA awhile back, but didnt get many responses, Im hoping that I can get a few more insightful comments here. To be honest Im not really sure what Im shooting for, this just kinda popped into my head

A medium-low gravity wit style grain bill ~1040-50, low hop rate ~15ibu, ~3gal, 6lbs of sweet cherries, primary ferment with 3944, and adding a house mix of souring bugs right before the cherries (lacto from various commercial beers)

other things Im mulling over are

1. adding a bit of indian coriander for the fruity pebble flavor it adds

2. adding some salt, Ive really been thinking about this since all the gose talk recently

3. adding some blackberries as well

4. possibly making it more of a fruit braggot by subbing in some honey for malt

So as this idea is still forming in my head, I thought Id put it out there for some comments from sour/funky brewers out there, and I guess everyone else as well, please substantiate any advice/suggestions

08/28/09 07:07 PM  
Re: Soured Cherry Wit/Gose

I think my Gose that is more lactic sour than traditional and is now infected by brett would be great with some cherries. I really like the combo of lactic acid and coriander combo, very complex for such a simple beer.

I can't taste any salt, but I thought it is added to fill out the light body of a low abv beer.

08/28/09 08:38 PM  
Re: Soured Cherry Wit/Gose
Ryan, I think that sounds like a great idea. However, personally I would forget 3 and 4. I think a soured, spiced, fruited braggot is just a touch over the top and you should focus on just one fruit over mixing it with blackberries. Have you tried salting a pint of beer and seeing if it makes a difference? I've never used 3944, but I think I'd choose something a bit less phenolic (if it is). I had good success with 320, the Widmer strain with just a touch of clove/banana. I'm starting to think that primary strains of yeast going into a sour doesn't mean a whole lot if you plan on lots of lactic/funk presence. Do you think 15 IBUs is low enough? Are you planning a traditional boil? Good luck, I think it's a great tasting beer in the works.
08/28/09 11:19 PM  
Re: Soured Cherry Wit/Gose
3944 produces a very nice traditional witbier profile, theres not really much clove banana to it - at least to me

the listed options were just spontaneous ideas, Ive been on a braggot kick lately and I just sorta threw that one out there, I was looking for any and all suggestions, as what I really plan on doing hasnt really coalesced in my mind yet

I dont plan on any funk, only lactic sourness, the "house culture" is isolated strains of lactobacillus from commercial beers

as far as the salt goes, yes i did recently add a bit of salt to the remnants of a fruit beer I had, it seemed to provide a fuller flavor, Id almost call it more savory but that seems like the wrong word, Im not sure but I might add enough in a couple bottles for it to be fairly noticable just to see how it would turn out - anyone else out there had Rock Ice con Limon??

Dan maybe when we do the swap Ill bring some of this one to compare against your gose

08/29/09 07:35 AM  
Re: Soured Cherry Wit/Gose
Unfortunately, I think I only have 1 or 2 bottles left as they've turned into near bombs.

So, is there no other bugs in the "house culture" than Lacto? Is it a pretty aggressive strain? I've still never made a braggot, or tasted one.

How about this:

36% Pils

28% Wheat malt

10% Oats

5% Victory

20% Honey

08/29/09 11:54 AM  
Re: Soured Cherry Wit/Gose
I like the idea of the oats, I used them in my last wit and the body was amazing, but I dont think Ill use any honey, you kinda talked me out of that

So youve never had a braggot huh, I'll toss in a buckwheat braggot in the swap

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