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tripel beam
08/16/09 03:14 AM  
Barrel aging
Alright, I have my wood ready. Ready for barrel aged beer that is.

Does everyone temperature control their barrel aged beer? Temp. will flunctuate in my carport. I'll probably rack something in there in mid-October (75deg max), winter (do I need to worry about lows?), then rack out may/june before it gets 90-95 out here.

I'm not sure my recipe yet. I'm thinking something along the lines of Oro de Calabaza. I know my bbl has Pedio and was used for white wine.

tripel beam
08/18/09 10:52 PM  
Re: Barrel aging
Would aging a beer in a garage or carport be blasphemy? What are extreme lows and highs for barrel aged golden ales that ferment with Brett/Pedio? What should I avoid?
Josh G
08/19/09 02:46 AM  
Re: Barrel aging
I know some commercial breweries do not temperature control their barrels. Hair of the Dog is one example. Alan's barrels are in the warehouse exposed to the temperature of the area. His end product is fantastic.

I think the temperature will be fine as long as primary is completed.

08/21/09 02:37 PM  
Re: Barrel aging
I'm told that temperature fluctuations are a good thing for barrel aging as it draws the beer into and out of the wood. (Within certain limits certainly!)
08/21/09 08:43 PM  
Re: Barrel aging
What limits? How does everyone else barrel age beer?
Josh G
08/22/09 12:29 AM  
Re: Barrel aging
Our temperature fluctuates between 30-100 degrees, mainly staying within the 40-80 range.
Rob B
08/22/09 06:25 PM  
Re: Barrel aging
I keep mine in the workshop. In the New Mexico summer it can reach 100F and below freezing in the winter.
tripel beam
08/23/09 01:45 AM  
Re: Barrel aging
60 gallons?
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