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08/04/09 10:24 PM  
Funky Roselare Pellicle
Ok, so my Roselare flanders was going great, it is about 4-5 months into its aging and was forming a crusty white pellicle on top. We had a heat wave here and my attic got up in the 100s for a couple days and now the pellicle has these big black spots that kinda look like tar taking over the top of the beer. The spots are pretty big, a couple inches across and flat.

Anyone experience this before? Know what this is?

Is this a mold? should I rack the beer from under it?

Any help would be appreciated.

08/05/09 12:27 AM  
Re: Funky Roselare Pellicle
Mine did not throw a black moldy spot on the surface in about a yr of aging. my room temp probably hit 90s for short periods but never too long.


08/05/09 11:43 AM  
Re: Funky Roselare Pellicle
Got any pics? Black would be unusual for a pellicle - none of mine have it and they also live in my hot attic.
Al B
08/05/09 12:00 PM  
Re: Funky Roselare Pellicle
Black sounds like mold. There are some black oxidative yeasts out there. Either way I'd rack under CO2.
08/05/09 02:45 PM  
Re: Funky Roselare Pellicle
Sorry, not the best photo as the attic is dark, but if you look close you can see it:


Sort of flat black patches between the white pellicle pieces.

Thanks for the help!

Al B
08/05/09 02:59 PM  
Re: Funky Roselare Pellicle
It looks like .... the BLOB. In the movie, they used CO2 to immobilize it, bacuase you can't kill the blob, it just gets bigger and bigger until it engulfs everything living such as a flemish red. Rack it & purge w/ CO2.

Al Blob

08/05/09 04:18 PM  
Re: Funky Roselare Pellicle
haha, thanks. I'll try that this weekend, hopefully it will leave it's grossness behind.

Al, do you think the 100+ heat killed the brett? Should I repitch some new dregs into it or a new brett strain or something? I assume the lacto and pedio are probably ok.

Al B
08/05/09 08:32 PM  
Re: Funky Roselare Pellicle
Brett can be pretty tough, some strains require solid pasteurization to kill off completely.

The easy way to see is to add a touch of fermentable and watch for some activity and/or measure gravity and/or a brett pellicle forms.

08/05/09 11:14 PM  
Re: Funky Roselare Pellicle

Was the brett pellicle the previous white snow-like stuff?

Is there a standard pellicle look for each strain?

ie: Brett = white snowy stuff, lacto big bubbles, pedio stringy brown stuff?

Al B
08/06/09 06:56 PM  
Re: Funky Roselare Pellicle
The white flakes were brett most likely. Many strains by themselves may exhibit different pellicles. Some bretts are a film on the surface rather than a crusty pellicle.

Clausenii/anomulus is a film-like

Lambicus (WY) is a bit more - but I never seen this strain flaky in appearance.

Some recultrued sstrains are flaky though.

08/07/09 06:40 AM  
Re: Funky Roselare Pellicle
Al B, da, this is what the pellicle looked like on my 100% Brett L stout:


It's definitely my most impressive to date. All the rest of my funky beers are pretty boring looking.

08/07/09 06:50 PM  
Re: Funky Roselare Pellicle

Yah, that is closer to what my Sour Golden looks like. Prior to the big black spots my Red was looking rather boring with just some snowy white spots on top, at least that I felt confident about.

Al B
08/11/09 07:32 AM  
Re: Funky Roselare Pellicle

Is that WL or WY strain of lambicus ?

Rob B
08/11/09 10:02 AM  
Re: Funky Roselare Pellicle
Al B: Clausenii/anomulus is a film-like

My all brett pale (WL Clausenii) had a huge crusty pellicle.

08/11/09 05:02 PM  
Re: Funky Roselare Pellicle
Al, that's the Lambicus from Wyeast. I never got the same pellicle from the second generation going into a Vanilla/Wine/Oaked beer. I'm actually about to bottle it tomorrow. I think MikeT also didn't get much pellicle from any of his Brett A/C (WL) beers.
Rob B
08/11/09 07:08 PM  
Re: Funky Roselare Pellicle
It is interesting because I pitched part of the brett C from the all brett pale into secondary with a BDSA along with some Jolly Pumpkin and Avery 15 dregs and that one only has a film but lots of brett character after only 2-3 months.
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