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07/30/09 10:02 AM  
Getting lacto to floc out?
Pretty fluffy stuff, anyone have a solution for getting it to floc out a little better?

Been pouring a bit too much of the starter in for my tastes.


07/30/09 10:21 AM  
Re: Getting lacto to floc out?
By no means would I present myself as the last word here, but would you even want to make a starter for long-term bacteria? I would think you'd be better off letting it go right in the wort from infancy.
07/30/09 11:08 AM  
Re: Getting lacto to floc out?
Thinking in terms of keeping it around

At 8.99 a pack that gets expensive.

07/30/09 03:51 PM  
Re: Getting lacto to floc out?
How is that related to making a starter for it?

Again, not the optimized person for comment. But if you want to keep it around the viable approach may involve a petri dish.

07/30/09 09:02 PM  
Re: Getting lacto to floc out?
if i'm not mistaken, mr babalu wants to freeze his lacto. and build up a reasonable amount first.
07/31/09 07:42 AM  
Re: Getting lacto to floc out?
Did I come in late? I didn't get that from the parent post, "pouring a bit too much of the starter" sounds like pouring it into a beer. I suspect the bug experts would say that achiving a few cells is fine.

I used to use the brewtech system. No poutches, you got a vial maybe 1.25" long with some medium. On that was some white stuff. You scraped out a bit on the end of a loop (however much would fit on an 1/8" circle and transferred it to a small container (about the size of a shot gun shell casing) of "super wort". 5 days later you had many, many times the pitchable slurry of a smack pack. Point is, storage was not about large slurries.

Anyway, if archival objectives are at play here then my suspicion is the petri dish suggestion was all the more applicable.

Al B
07/31/09 08:46 AM  
Re: Getting lacto to floc out?

There's a thread "Growing Lacto/Pedio....." page 1, discussing some of this. Lactobacilli will floc over time at cold temps, you'll need a big starter to see a descent size sediment.

07/31/09 12:20 PM  
Re: Getting lacto to floc out?
<<Did I come in late? I didn't get that from the parent post, >>

He and I were talking about it over on the NB forum. I suggested he come over here and solicit some more "experienced" information. :)

07/31/09 03:43 PM  
Re: Getting lacto to floc out?
I wouldn't advise using petri dishes for long term storage of cultures due to their tendency to desiccate very quickly. I would recommend storing on slants or in a broth with nutrients as previously mentioned for a cheap and easy alternative.

Although,the best way to my knowledge is to store them under fresh nutrients with 10-20% glycerol in a -85 degree C freezer which is hard and costly to find. But I am looking into the possibility of using Dry Ice (~-75C) in a styrofoam cooler in a normal freezer to get the same effect.

08/03/09 09:31 AM  
Re: Getting lacto to floc out?
No Steve you didnt come in late but as tankdeer said this stemmed from a conversation we had over at NB
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