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07/29/09 12:00 AM  
Belgian Golden Strong w/Fruit Suggestions Please.
So I brewed a big Belgian Golden Strong (OG 1085, FG 1006). I want to bottle most of it as is but I would like to add fruit to 1-2 gallons of the beer. So my question is which fruit should I add and has anyone made or had a commercial golden strong with fruit?

I am thinking the following fruits as I can easily get them right now: raspberries, cherries (sweet not tart), apricots, or cranberries.

So what are your experiences, suggestions?

Also, I know that for sour beers or lambics w/ fruit you want lots of fruit per gallon, is this the same for regular fruit beers?


07/29/09 01:25 PM  
Re: Belgian Golden Strong w/Fruit Suggestions Plea
Chardonnay grapes? Got me one of those going with Al's Bugfarm 2.
07/29/09 07:44 PM  
Re: Belgian Golden Strong w/Fruit Suggestions Plea
Where did you get those? I am leaning towards cherries right now.

I have to let you try my all Brett c and amarillo beer one of these days.

You did a dubble or a triple with cranberries right? How was that one?

07/30/09 02:29 PM  
Re: Belgian Golden Strong w/Fruit Suggestions Plea
I actually used chardonnay concentrate. From NB. Yeah, I did a dubble with cranberries about 2 years ago. Took first in the fair that year. It was pretty nice.

I'm looking forward to trying that beer. If you're going to Derek's birthday party at Hammies on Saturday, I'll be there.

07/30/09 03:52 PM  
Re: Belgian Golden Strong w/Fruit Suggestions Plea
Jeff, I did an all brett c with amarillo. Best brew I've made in some time.
07/31/09 12:31 AM  
Re: Belgian Golden Strong w/Fruit Suggestions Plea
Tankdeer- I will be there on Saturday and I will bring a bottle for you to try.

SteveG- It was my first real brett beer and my first all brett beer, I am very happy with the way it turned out. I think next time I will use Nelson Sauvain hops though.

I think I am going with cherries and a handful of cranberries for some tartness that the Bings lack.

Mike Mraz
07/31/09 02:00 AM  
Re: Belgian Golden Strong w/Fruit Suggestions Plea
Try adding some oak with the cherries. it will add mouth feel and help with the dryness.
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