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07/27/09 04:38 PM  
simcoe hops aroma, not normal
I've done a few 100% simcoe hopped IPAs this year and they are missing the traditional Simcoe -pine-like notes. These are usually 11 gallons with maybe 12-14 oz of whole hops.

The notes I have been getting are more herbal dank.

I tend to late hop the heck out of these brews so I don't know if that is at play or just too many hops from a vegetatation standpoint.

thoughts? they certainly don't taste like teh Weyerbacher 100% simcoe IPA in the hops department.


07/27/09 05:10 PM  
Re: simcoe hops aroma, not normal
I've used Simcoe in copious amounts in a witbier that I've brewed twice in the last year. For what it's worth, I've never gotten any pine-like notes.

I've used them in the last 30 minutes of the boil only. In the last batch I used Simcoe and Cluster and got comments indicating a very fruity aroma ranging from mango/papaya/guava to blueberries.


Josh G
07/27/09 05:36 PM  
Re: simcoe hops aroma, not normal
Weyerbacher dry hops the DS, so I suggest trying that to see how it affects the aroma and flavor.
07/27/09 05:54 PM  
Re: simcoe hops aroma, not normal

The other thing to consider is that it is getting later in the year and some deterioration in terms of aroma may be occuring even if they have been stored properly. Just a thought.


07/27/09 05:58 PM  
Re: simcoe hops aroma, not normal
I like to use Simcoe as a FWH or a flavor hop then dry hop with more. It really brings out the pine.
Matt S
07/28/09 08:10 AM  
Re: simcoe hops aroma, not normal
I agree about the dry hopping. I have dry hopped with simcoe and have gotten some nice pine notes.
07/28/09 08:50 AM  
Re: simcoe hops aroma, not normal
i spoke with chris wilson from weyerbacher a few months ago and he said they use a hopback but dont dry hop anything.
Matt S
07/28/09 11:33 AM  
Re: simcoe hops aroma, not normal
You could easily make one of those and run it through that and then through your chiller then into the carboy/fermenter.
07/28/09 12:56 PM  
Re: simcoe hops aroma, not normal
This is interesting to me, as I've come to the conclusion that I "like" Simcoe, and yet off the top of my head I don't have a shorthand way to describe the flavor. I may be way off base, but personally I associate it with a soft, smooth, well-integrated hoppiness and a somewhat indeterminate citrust/fruity character.

The commercial beers with Simcoe that led me to this conclusion, like the Avery Maharaja and DFH 60 Min don't to my taste have overwhelming or even dominant piney notes. Of course they use the Simcoe in a blend.

Over the course of the last year, we've brewed a number of single hop IPAs, and we did one with Simcoe including moderate dry hopping (0.5 oz in ~2 gal) which was by far the best of the bunch to date.

OTOH, I recently tried the Mikkeller Simcoe Single Hop IPA, and I was astounded at the sharp piney flavor that it had. Surprised the heck out of me, and not in a pleasant way.

07/28/09 01:30 PM  
Re: simcoe hops aroma, not normal
The details on the dank herbal kegs I'm talking about are:

keg was a blend of two batches......

first batch was 8 gallons and hopped with 14 oz Simcoe whole with the schedule 2@60 minutes, 2@30, 2@15, 2@5, 2@3, 4@1.

the second batch was 6 gallons with the same schedule only 1.5 oz at each addition, and then still 4 oz at the end.

Grains bills were basically pale with 2% crystal and 2% munich. OG = 1.070.

The keg blend was 2.5 gal recipe 1 and 2.5 gal recipe 2

cheers petec

Matt S
07/28/09 01:46 PM  
Re: simcoe hops aroma, not normal
That is cool. I have never thought of blending 2 IPA's together. Is this something that is commonly done?
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