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07/23/09 01:22 PM  
dupont saison cork code
I'm growing up some cultured Dupont and am hoping that the cork code is the bottling date: mine says something like 02 09.

anyone know if this is the case - hopefully its not best by date. petec

07/23/09 02:15 PM  
Re: dupont saison cork code
Last month, I made a starter from a bottle of SDVP dregs with a 2009 stamped cork and it only took a couple days to show activity.

I have done two brews with it and its acting like what I've heard, furious activity for a couple days and taking forever to finish. A bit difficult to work with but the samples so far have been wonderful.

07/23/09 09:21 PM  
Re: dupont saison cork code
I always assumed it was the bottling date, too, but I am not certain. Great yeast either way.
07/24/09 02:27 PM  
Re: dupont saison cork code
First feeding was wednesday night with dregs from a 750 bottle into 500mL wort on the stir plate. Next feeding was this morning with a liter of the same wort and onto the stir plate along with dregs from a second 750.

I'm hoping to use it on sunday or monday so we'll see how it goes. petec

07/27/09 11:16 AM  
Re: dupont saison cork code
By the time I came home later friday night, the 1.5L total starter solution had a decent bit of foam and obvious fermentation action going on.

I chilled it down on sunday afternoon and pitched the solids on sunday evening. we'll see if its starting up when I go home tonight and hit it with some O2.


07/28/09 12:46 PM  
Re: dupont saison cork code
I just bottled one of my two brews with Dupont yeast. Below are some specifics. As expected, but nonetheless amazing, it attenuated an all malt wort over 92 AA. A sample tasted lovely and I may not be able to wait for it to fully carbonate.

4 lb Dingeman's pale malt

4 lb US 2-row pale malt

1 lb Vienna

mashed 113-145-160

OG: 1.051

FG: 1.004

08/19/09 12:38 PM  
Re: dupont saison cork code
So I pitched that cultured up Dupont into a batch about 2.5 weeks ago. First 3 days were at 60-70F ambient temps (san francisco summer). Temp was then increased to 90-95F (san jose summer in a super hot garage) until the end of the 2.5 weeks of primary. Yeast was roused every couple days.

At day 3, I added about 0.75 lbs of cane sugar as well to bump the gravity to 1.057. W/o sugar, the gravity was 1.050 with a grain bill of 50% wheat, 25% vienna and 25% pils. straight infusion mash.

I racked it last night to secondary and to check the gravity to make sure it had finished dry enough and the gravity was at 1.004. Its dry and slightly phenolic. I'm considering it a success so far with none of the hassles I had with the Wyeast Dupont strain - of course I made that withOUT teh big hot garage I used this time.

cheers petec

08/19/09 02:03 PM  
Re: dupont saison cork code
Did you employ the same gravity additions/steps when using the Wyeast culture?

I know the White Labs strain is notorious for slowing down as well, but I've only spoken to or read about individuals who pitched at their desired gravity and let it go for a month or so.

08/19/09 02:54 PM  
Re: dupont saison cork code
The gravity bump was done just to add some extra alcohol to it since I max'd out my mashtun and didn't have the sugar at the time of boiling. It wasn't done to help the yeast intentionally or anything. That being said, I didn't use one when I did teh Wyeast variety saison a few yrs back with the reported Dupont strain.

Also, the temperature ramp followed is more a result of scheduling to get it to my buddies hot garage than by intent. I had been hoping to get it there quicker than 3 days post pitch but thats how it went.

I was fully prepared to add more yeast when I dropped it to secondary since I hadn't let the beer go for a month (primary was 17 days total). But since it was 1.004 I decided that was low enough and didn't require more time at high temps or reyeasting to finish it up any dryer.

When I used the Wyeast strain several yrs ago, I let it sit for atleast a month at temperatures of 65-80F but it only went to something like 1.020, at which point I reyeasted and got it to ~1.012. This was a disappointment.

Pitching rates are totally different since the Dupont was a harvesting from 2x750mL bottles of SaisonDupont with 2 wort additions on a stir plate and I probably just pitched the Wyeast either right from the pack or with a minimal starter per my typical routines.

The intent wasn't a direct comparison betw the dregs of Dupont and the Wyeast but more of a success story with the one method along with enough discussion that nonmicrobiologists might be able to replicate it if they had access to a 'hot garage'.

If I wasn't successful with the cultured Dupont, I was just going to drop working on it and find a strain I liked better than the 3276 farmhouse (too fruity) and the 3274 (above mentioned probelms with not finishing dry enough).

cheers petec

08/19/09 04:51 PM  
Re: dupont saison cork code
Pete, good to hear that you are happy with your results. My second batched using the same recipe attenuated from 1.053 to 1.004 in only ten days. No temperature control and the ambient got into the upper 80s during that period. Wort was simply dropped onto the yeast from the 1st batch. I'm liking the second batch better. It is a bit less fruity, but more spicy with that signature Dupont earthy flavor.
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