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07/15/09 12:57 PM  
How much table sugar for priming
I just got a floor corker, 750 ML Belgian Beer bottles cages and corks for my b-day. I have a Lmabic that has been sitting for 8 months or so made with Brett Lambicus and Lacto Delbrueckii.

How much table sugar should I put in the 750 ML belgian beer bottle for carbing it up.

07/15/09 02:58 PM  
Re: How much table sugar for priming
I always prefer to prime the batch then fill bottles, whatever size they may be. How big is your batch?
07/15/09 04:33 PM  
Re: How much table sugar for priming
I find that 1oz (by weight) of table sugar per gallon is a good place to start for Belgian ales. That should give you roughtly ~2.8 volumes assuming the beer was stored at about 70F.

Try this: http://www.tastybrew.com/calculators/priming.html

07/20/09 04:35 PM  
Re: How much table sugar for priming
It is a 5.5 gallon batch that I ferment in a dedicated bucket that also has a bottling spigot up a little higher than the typical bottling bucket. I do this to avoid having to rack the beer, thus I can't pitch all the priming sugar in to avoid stirring up the goop.

I had some luck with two coopers carb tabs per 22 oz bottle. I do not have any Carb tabs and was planning on using plain old table sugar. I was estimating about 3 tsp per 750 ml bottle but wanted to sense check the amounts with other brewers that may have experience with this.

07/20/09 07:25 PM  
Re: How much table sugar for priming
That sounds a touch excessive. When I shoot for 4 volumes of carbonation on a Saison or effervescent sour beer I'll add 1.5tsp of sugar which I measured to be about 6.6g by weight with my set of measuring spoons.
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