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07/13/09 04:29 PM  
New Wyeast VSS July to Sept
Well I have been waiting for someone to break the seal on these new yeasts, but I just got them the other day and I am planning the beers.

I looked over some old posts for 3711. I am right in saying the temperature range is correct for this strain? Seems like most used the lower end and a few fermented in the low 80's. Any thoughts?

Wyeast 3711-PC French Saison

Temperature Range 65-77F (18-25C)

The Wyeast 3739-PC Flanders Golden Ale looks like in might be the Gulden Draak yeast. If this is true, I really want to brew a Piraat inspired Triple. A friend of mine is going to run the IBU's and we all have the OG/FG. I sent the brewery an email the other day looking for more information. Still waiting.

Al B
07/14/09 01:07 PM  
Re: New Wyeast VSS July to Sept

If you ask me, I see that range for a saison and I think pitch @ 65, let rise to 77! But I did 80-sh with fine results.

Mike T
07/14/09 03:46 PM  
Re: New Wyeast VSS July to Sept
I got to try a Saison that Willimantic is doing. It was fermented at 88 and is terrific, no issues pushing the temp as far as I could tell.

I am thinking of doing a combo brew (using dilution) with this yeast to get some moderate gravity saison, plus a few gallons of low alcohol summer quencher.

07/14/09 03:55 PM  
Re: New Wyeast VSS July to Sept
I used the 3711 at in the mid-70's and the beer was fantastic and fermented quick and finished very dry. I haven't used it at the higher temps. Not for any particular reason, that's just the ambient temp I got.

I think the Flanders Golden is the Gulden Draak yeast. They gave the yeast for Moylan's to play around with and they did a Gulden Drakk clone with it, if that's any clue.

07/15/09 11:54 AM  
Re: New Wyeast VSS July to Sept
We used the 3711 for a strong dark spiced saison last year, and the yeast worked just fine. However, I don't recall perceiving a lot of yeast-derived character on that one, though there was other stuff that might have gotten in the way.

It did give like 86% apparent attenuation, though, with fermentation temps in the low to mid-70s.

07/15/09 01:50 PM  
Re: New Wyeast VSS July to Sept
Can someone please tell me why a yeast derived from Gulden Draak is called "Flanders Golden Ale"? I haven't had this beer yet myself, though I aim to get it in the next week. However from what I've read, Gulden Draak isn't golden in color nor does it have the sour tart flavor usually associated with "Flemish ales". "Belgian Dark Strong" maybe would have been a better name? The use of "golden" seems like a misnomer.

On a similar note, I've read that a couple of people want to do a Piraat clone with it. I just wanted to know if anyone can confirm that this brewery in fact uses the same yeast for all of its beers?

07/16/09 10:28 AM  
Re: New Wyeast VSS July to Sept
This is the response I received from Brouwerij Van Steenberge NV about Piraat. I guess this answers the yeast question at least. Still working on the IBUs.

"First of all I would like to thank you for your interest. But I will not be able to help you. From the side of the board of directors of our brewery its forbidden to pass on a detail of the ingredients list.

Because this is the secret of the beer.

Sorry that I may not help you.

Best regards


p.s we use for all the beers different yeast. We have 3 different types of yeast for the high fermentation and we have 6 different yeast types for the refermentation. "

07/16/09 12:51 PM  
Re: New Wyeast VSS July to Sept
Good work on digging up that info, B-Dub. With only 3 different yeast strains and probably 6 different "high fermentation" beers, it's still possible that they use the same yeast for primary in Gulden Draak and Piraat. You still might be able to use it for a Piraat clone. I wouldn't give up yet.
07/16/09 07:44 PM  
Re: New Wyeast VSS July to Sept

Perhaps the name is derived from the story about the beer:


The battle for the "Gulden Draak"

On the top of the Belfry of Ghent, one of the proud cities of Flanders, you can find the Gulden Draak or Golden Dragon, a large statue of the famous animal. ................more

07/17/09 11:54 AM  
Re: New Wyeast VSS July to Sept
From Wyeast:

Similar to Brouwerij Van Steenberge NV, we are not able to disclose the

origin of this strain. Sorry. Though, I think this strain would work

well for producing a beer similar to Piraat.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

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