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06/30/09 09:02 AM  
saison w/ WLP 565 Saison I yeast - ferm ?
Hey y'all! I'm new to homebrewing as well as this site. Both totally cool stuff!!

I just started a batch of saison w/ WLP 565 Saison I yeast. I pitched the yeast about 32 hours ago and it's REALLY active. It's been fermenting in a room at 80-82 deg. (although it was in the mid 60's yesterday morning when I got up, which precipitated a move to the warmer room which got it going). I've read lot's of different things about when to rack w/ this yeast to the secondary fermentor - everything from 2-3 days to a month or more.

My question is this: How do I know when to transfer to the secondary fermentor??? I've read/heard that this yeast does take patience. It just seems that some folks want it to spend more time in the primary vs the secondary fermentor, and I'm a bit confused over the right approach. BTW, OG was about 1.049. I've read that with this yeast, if patient, it can get to a TG of < 1.010.

I know this a really basic question (hope not to bore y'all too much!) but I keep reading such different things, that I'm wondering what is best. Thanks in advance for your help...

06/30/09 10:08 AM  
Re: saison w/ WLP 565 Saison I yeast - ferm ?
I don't think there's one right answer for this one. You could maybe get away with only a primary, or your could transfer at any time after the krausen has dropped. There is usually a lull when around 2/3 of fermentation is complete. That might be a good time. Good luck with the brew!
06/30/09 12:23 PM  
Re: saison w/ WLP 565 Saison I yeast - ferm ?
In my experience I would never rack a beer that has not reached TG yet. Especially with a stubborn strain like 565. Racking too early will remove it from the vast majority of the yeast and can lead to a stuck fermentation. Some people advocate racking when you have like 95% of your expected attenuation, but I personally don't follow that advice, and especially wouldn't on this.

If you do decide to rack (which is optional - I wouldn't bother at all), then make sure you do so only after the beer is finished fermenting, and has had a couple days on the yeast afterwards to clean up.


06/30/09 07:54 PM  
Re: saison w/ WLP 565 Saison I yeast - ferm ?
Thanks much for the advice - it's appreciated! It's still crankin'. I haven't decided exactly how to proceed but I must say I like the idea racking it when it's done fermenting. I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks again.

More advice and/or tidbits are always welcome...

07/04/09 12:04 AM  
Re: saison w/ WLP 565 Saison I yeast - ferm ?
In my experience - and I think it's in line with what others here have seen/done - it would be no problem to let this sit in the primary as long as you need. 4-5 weeks even, if you have to.

And, though many have reported sluggish / stuck fermentations with WLP565, when behaving well at good temps (70+), it can easily attenuate out to 80% or more, so your goal of 1.010 is not at all unreasonable.

Good luck! Keep us posted as it' always good to have another data point.

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