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Happy Feet
06/18/09 10:13 PM  
Mystery Saison
Hello all!

I boiled .5 gal of water with 1.5 oz of Hal hops at 3.6 AA for 1 hour. I then strained the hops (leaf) and added 1.5 pounds table sugar and boiled for 30 minutes

I added this to 5 gal. of 1.043 prepared wort with an IBU of 13.

With these additions as described, what would be my starting gravity and my IBU's be? How would I calculate this?

I'm tweaking a beer kit as you can see. I also added .25 oz of grains of paradise and fermenting with Wyeast 3711 French Saison. YUM! Also, what brewery and region of France is this beer yeast from? Thank you!

06/19/09 12:49 AM  
Re: Mystery Saison
Wow, that is an interesting technique.

I am not sure about the calculations, but Mr.Malty website says the 3711 is from Thiriez brewery in France. It is near the Belgian border.

Happy Feet
06/19/09 09:41 PM  
Re: Mystery Saison
I'm going to be in France in the next couple of months, I will look for this beer! Any idea how I would calculate this mix? Fermenting nicely as we speak, by the way :)
06/19/09 10:05 PM  
Re: Mystery Saison
That is an interesting technique! If you calculate the IBU's for the water and hops it comes out to around 225 so I'd guess you could have added up to 25 IBU's to your beer although I'm not sure about utilization. As far as Gravity I'm pretty sure you will end up with around 1.047. Let us know how it turns out.
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