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06/18/09 03:01 PM  
Wyeast old ale and brett
I was going to brew up an old ale with this strain and from the description it is a mixed strain with some brett in it. Never used brett before. My question is I don't know if I want a huge brett character in the beer. Is there any way to stop brett from fermenting after a point? If I do have to let the brett have its way with the brew how low does brett usually attenuate the beer? Ideally I would like some body left to the beer once its done. Thanks for any advice.
06/19/09 12:00 PM  
Re: Wyeast old ale and brett
Personally I would just let it go (and I am - I've got 3 beers aging with this blend now). Where it stops will depend on a lot of things, probably mostly dependant on your recipe.
06/19/09 05:58 PM  
Re: Wyeast old ale and brett
Thanks for the reply. So let me ask you this did you do a secondary with these beers or just leave everything in the primary? The recipe will be real basic marris otter, only like 1 pound of crystal and a small amount of chocolate malt for color. Planning to mash high to have a dextrinous wort. I am very limited on chest freezer space so if I could just brew it and throw it in the closet for a while that would be great. My house is usually warm though around 73-75degrees so I don't want to end up with a ton of fusels or does that not even really matter with bug beer? Sorry for all the questions but this is my first bug beer.
12/08/10 04:18 PM  
Re: Wyeast old ale and brett
Reviving this thread because I just ordered a pack of the 9097PC Old Ale.

My plan is to use it in a historical strong porter (approx 1.100 OG with pale, black and brown malt, huge bittering addition and mashed high to keep attenuation low). Then let it age for 1 year with 1-2oz of oak cubes, and then dry hop with goldings to serve. I'd also like to start making this an annual brew. I did a similar beer a few years ago with white labs brett c, but never got the attenuation or character I wanted.

So just wondering what people have thought of this blend. Wyeast told me it contains their Brett L strain. Any other info or experiences would be much appreciated!

12/08/10 07:14 PM  
Re: Wyeast old ale and brett
On my old ale that I brewed I used this strain. After 1 mos in the primary there was already a pellicle formed from the Brett L. and the aroma and flavor impact was noticeable as I split this batch with half regular London ale yeast as well.

I actually did not expect the brett to show itself so quickly as I have used brett L. quite frequently before and not noticed such an impact so quickly. I plan to let this one sit for a few mos before tasting as it is also aging on some french oak.

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