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05/18/09 04:13 PM  
Has anyone tried out the (relatively) new Belgian yeast strain from Whitelabs, WLP545?

I tried it out on a bastardized witbier (Rye instead of wheat, and all hop additions made in the last 20 minutes), and found it interesting. For one, it's got a deliciously fruity aroma that my wife describes as "guava" (though that may be the Simcoe hops). Secondly it seems to be extremely top biased much like WLP023.

I treated the fermentation like other Belgian yeasts and basically left it alone for a week before planning to rack to secondary. 10 days had passed and when I popped the bucket lid off I noticed there was still a sticky 1/4 inch head of yeast despite the fact that the beer was 75% attenuated.

So I treated it like the Burton yeast and cropped the yeast, lightly stirred the beer, and replaced the lid. Next day, the yeast was back! So I did I cropped again. Did that 3 times before I decided to rack to secondary yesterday. Keep in mind this beer had a starting gravity of about 1040.

WTF? Is this like some sort of English Belgian hybrid yeast? Does anyone know what brewery it came from?


05/21/09 01:20 PM  
Re: WLP545
Are you sure you used WLP545 (Belgian Strong ale) and not WLP540 (Abbey IV)? As I understood it, WLP545 wasn't supposed to be released until Nov/Dec 2009. WLP540 on the otherhand was part of the Mar/Apr release. WLP540 originated from Rochefort.
05/21/09 06:59 PM  
Re: WLP545
Uhh... silver label, says "WLP545" on it, etc. I'll check the expiration date on the vial when I get home.

I got it directly from White Labs about a month ago and used it to brew a beer for some national beer conference in Oakland in June. Our club, QUAFF, is trying to win some award for most kegs on tap or some such so I thought I'd help the cause.

I originally wanted to use the Orval yeast (WLP510), but they didn't have that available. This was what I was given instead.

05/21/09 07:17 PM  
Re: WLP545
For the record, I don't rack any beer that still has a krausen on it. When in doubt, use your hydrometer.
Adrian A
05/22/09 12:42 AM  
Re: WLP545
Sorry. I'm an idiot. My apologies, "Spidey". It actually is the Rochefort strain, WLP540.

Very silly of me. Regardless, the yeast situation was a bit strange. Kegged it tonight and it finished out at 1008, or about 81% attenuation. Not bad for a beer made with almost half flaked rye.

Anyone else experience the yeast dropping issue with WLP540 (Boy do I feel stupid)?

05/22/09 10:06 AM  
Re: WLP545
Adrian, FWIW I have made a series of beers with the Wyeast version of the Rochefort strain (WY1762)and have not encountered the persistent kraeusen issue you describe. In each case the foam cap was gone within 7 days.

My impression of that yeast was that it pumped out quite a lot of banana and phenol at higher temps (68+). This was OK in darker beers but not so good in lighter ones (perhaps this is related to why Rochefort does not make a Tripel?). Maybe others have had different experience, but that's mine.

05/22/09 01:12 PM  
Re: WLP545
No worries, just wanted to be sure we knew for certain what strain was being discussed. WY1762, which is supposed to be the Wyeast strain originating from Rochefort, was recently the subject of a thread over on The Brewing Network. Ah here it is:


They discuss fermentation at different temps, etc. Might be useful depending on how your brew tastes.

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